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Potenza RE030

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Ultra-high performance from Bridgestone POTENZA RE030

The Bridgestone RE030 tyres are part of the Bridgestone Tyres Potenza range that comprises high performance tyres. The Bridgestone RE030 tyres are also high performance tyres that deliver high levels of safety, stability and comfort in performance saloons. The tyres are available as original equipment fitment for ultra high performance cars such as the Acura TL and the Lexus GS series. Like the other popular Potenza product, the Bridgestone RE050 tyres, which are OE fitments of sports cars like the Mercedes Benz S55 AMG, the Bridgestone RE030 tyres are also summer tyres not suitable for use on snow and ice. The rubber compound in these tyres (as in all summer tyres) loses flexibility below 7 degrees centigrade and will not grip well, compromising safety. If you stay at a place that experiences severe winters, you have to replace the Bridgestone RE030 tyres in winter. But during the summer, you can look forward to unparalleled performance, safety and ride comfort with your Bridgestone RE030 tyres. The tyres provide exceptional performance in the areas of wet and dry handling, braking and steering responsiveness, tyre noise and ride comfort.

Dry and wet handling: The Bridgestone RE030 tyres use a high grip tread compound adapted into a symmetric tread pattern. The high grip maximises handling on dry surface, imparting greater control and stability while cornering. Wet handling comes from the unique tread pattern that includes grooves which dispel water from the under tread, keeping the contact patch clear and enhancing the contact area.
Steering and braking responsiveness: Internally, the Bridgestone RE030 tyres are reinforced with twin steel belts and nylon spiral wrapping. This imparts greater steering responsiveness. The high traction on wet and dry surface translates into more responsive braking. So you will observe that the car comes to a halt almost instantly as you hit the brakes, reducing the stopping distances. An important safety feature.
Ride quality: The reinforced tyre sidewall delivers a smooth and uniform ride experience, while the tread profile design has been optimised for reducing tyre noise. These two factors combine to deliver one of the best ride experiences, enhancing the overall ride quality. In many high performance cars, performance is maintained often by sacrificing comfort. Fitted with the Bridgestone RE030 tyres, you need not worry about this problem in your performance saloon. 

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