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Ultra-high performance from Bridgestone B391

The Bridgestone B391 tyres are touring tyres suited for small to medium cars and deliver a comfortable and smooth experience to everyday driving. The ‘B’ in the Bridgestone B391 tyres stands for ‘balance’ and indicates that the tyre design has been optimised for perfect balance between comfort and stability. Another popular tyre in the Bridgestone B series is the Bridgestone B250 tyres also suited for small to medium cars. The difference between the B250 and B391 tyres is that the former are standard tyres, while the Bridgestone B391 tyres are touring tyres. Bridgestone Tyres , one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the world, is known for its innovative tyre technologies. The Bridgestone B391 tyres are equipped with the UNI-T technology that ensures high performance in the areas of manoeuvrability, braking responsiveness, tyre noise and tyre durability. Let us see briefly how the UNI-T technology influences these areas of performance.

Manoeuvrability: The UNI-T technology ensures that the tread design is rounded (in an O shape) towards the rims, fitting snugly at the rims. As a result, the tyre holds its shape even under extreme pressures of cornering at high speeds, improving straight line stability and manoeuvrability at all times. This increases your control on the car significantly.
Tyre Noise: The Comprehensive Tyre Design Method (CTDM) of the UNI-T technology ensures an optimised tread design that minimises tyre noise and lets you experience a quiet and peaceful drive.
Braking Responsiveness: The Bridgestone B391 tyre tread consists of circumferential grooves as well as lateral incisions that effectively deflect water away from the tread reducing the risk of aquaplaning. The tread blocks are also optimised for improved grip on dry roads. As a result, the overall braking responsiveness is very quick, leading to reduced stopping distances on wet and dry surface.
Tyre Life: The UNI-T technology incorporates an innovative new tread compound, consisting of Long Link Carbon (LLC), which has exceptional strength. Thus the tyres exhibit very high resistance to tread wear, increasing the tyre life significantly. The tread compound also contributes to wet performance and improves the handling characteristics. Additionally, the Bridgestone B391 tyres reduce the rolling resistance significantly, improving the fuel economy.

This pattern may be suitable as Original Equipment for a number of different car manufacturers. If you are unsure what the symbols mean within the tyre search results, please head over to our tyre symbols guide.

Below are B391 tyre reviews and ratings
Rated 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 customer reviews.
Grip in the dry 10
Grip in the wet 10
Steering responsiveness 10
Cornering Stability 10
Resistance to Aquaplaning 10
Tread wear versus mileage 10
Ride comfort and smoothness 10
Noise level 10
Quality versus price 10
General appearance / tread pattern 10

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