Summer Ready Bundle - was £34.99

Now Half Price at £17.49 - Ends Monday!

Keep your costs down and get ready for the summer with our new Summer Ready Service Bundle. This bundle includes an Air Con Diagnostic Check, Brake Check and a Tyre Check. 


Air Con Diagnostic Check

Air Con Diagnostic Check includes:

  • A temperature check
  • A refrigerant check
  • A leak test (using nitrogen)
  • An inspection of key components, including the compressor, condenser, drive belts and hoses

Following these checks, our team of experts can advise you if you're in need of a further regas service, during which we will replace and recharge lubricant and refrigerant levels in line with your manufacturer's recommendation. Our regas services start from £65.

Please note: Air con diagnostic check is only available at selected garages. Once you have added the service to basket you will be able to see available locations and choose a date & time that is convenient for you. 


Brake Check

Signs your brakes aren't working properly:

  • Brakes don't stop your car as well as they used to
  • Hearing a grinding, squealing noise
  • Fluid leaking on your inner wheels
  • Steering pulling to the side
  • Brake pedal sinks to the floor
  • Warning light on your dashboard

Your brakes are the most important safety system of your car. They allow you to control the speed of your vehicle, bring it safely to a halt, and the brake pedal is the first pedal you will hit in an emergency. To put it simply - they are vital. Like any other system in your car, they need to be regularly maintained and inspected to make sure they are working correctly and effectively, for the safety of you and other road users. Our summer bundle includes a check of your brakes systems to find the root cause of any issues. 


Tyre Check

  • Ensures your brakes are road-legal
  • Improved grip on the road, especially in bad weather
  • Better stopping distance to help prevent an accident

Don't put yourself at risk this summer by driving on worn and unsafe tyres. Driving with inadequate tyres can not only be extremely dangerous but could also potentially result in fines of up to £2,500 per tyre, 3 penalty points on your license, and invalidated car insurance.

Our expert technicians will carry out a pressure check and inspect for tread depth, wear and damage to ensure your tyres are safe and legal. If the tyre inspection shows up any problems, we will offer advice on what can be done to correct the issue.


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