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TAFF Awards 2013 Glorify National Tyres and Autocare

11 Nov 2013

8 centres were shortlisted for the coveted ‘Tyre Centre of the Year’ title at TAFF Awards 2013. While there can be several great performers, there can only be a single, exclusive winner. And that was National Tyres and Autocare at this year’s popular TAFF awards.

For the past few years, NTDA’s Annual Dinner – one of the significant highlights of tyre industry’s social front – has assumed greater momentum as this is the programme where the champions of NTDA-hosted Tyre & Fast-Fit (TAFF) honours are lauded in front of the entire industry.

Organised at Hilton Metropole situated at NEC, the award ceremony this year was one more sell-out. The function saw diners from diverse industry segments waiting to hear the names of tyre industry TAFF victors.

NTDA’s TAFF Awards have earned the reputation of being industry’s leading accolades. Companies and organizations consider it an achievement to make it even to the ultimate short list, with the winners earning bragging rights for 12 long months.

It is the evening’s ?nal award that shifts the focus on retail tyre trade and recognises customer service excellence. NTDA had invited multi-branch retailers to register one of their tyre centres for TAFF awards 2013.

The performance of participating centres was assessed by way of mystery shopping entrusted to Encircle Marketing; the exercise covered over 30 check points.

There were more than 50 initial entries, out of which eight semi-finalists were shortlisted.

Two mystery shoppers visited these centres in a ‘doctored’ car. The final scores of the assessment were added up in the end and the entire process was overseen by NTDA-managed Aftermarket Suppliers Group.

We take immense pleasure in announcing that National Tyres & Autocare’s Falkirk centre won the Tyre Centre of the Year Award.

The TAFF Awards 2013

The 2013 TAFF awards witnessed the emergence of several new winners. Also, Stephen Callow’s closing speech brought to light some interesting details on the future of NTDA and tyre industry overall. We will summarise both these key aspects; NTDA news and the victorious few.

The current NTDA Chairman, in his ultimate speech in this position, shared his views on a broad array of key topics. He spoke about the influence of legislative amendments on the tyre business, NTDA’s joint research with Lanxess on tyre labelling impacting the retail domain and NTDA’s support for TyreSafe’s initiatives.

He asserted that despite a continuous gush of new legislations, the association has directed focus on tyre labelling for the past one year. Consequently, NTDA has generated useful data pointing towards lower than expected demand of labelling info from consumers. Callow also urged the government to maximise the labelling opportunity.

The current chairman also emphasised on NTDA’s proactive initiatives opposing the use of part worn tyres, and its commitment to partially funding important actions of TSOs.

The Winners

There are no points for guessing the highlight point of NTDA-hosted annual dinner. Undoubtedly it was the ‘Tyre and Fast Fit Awards’ bit. Stephen Callow and MD, Lanxess UK, Kim O’Connor jointly announced the winners and presented them with trophies.

The Environment Award, the first one to be presented was bagged by Dunlop, to the surprise of all and sundry. It was the first time ever that instead of a recycling firm, a tyre manufacturer took it home. Dunlop received it for their innovative work on Dunlop Sport BluResponse.

Michelin won the Tyre Manufacturer of the Year award and its Commercial Director, Malcolm Scovell, expressed delight on behalf of the entire Michelin Group.

Awards were presented in some other categories as well, including Industry Advertising Campaign, Tyre and Aftermarket Equipment Supplier of the year and Tyre Wholesaler of the Year.

The final award of the evening, Tyre Centre of the Year, saw 8 leading companies vying for the triumphant position. These were:

ATS Euromaster – Flint

Protyre – Warwick

Kwik-Fit – Glasgow

National Tyres & Autocare – Falkirk

Hi-Q – Tunbridge Wells

Selecta Tyre – Ashbourne

Kwik-Fit Premier – Plymouth

Protyre – Cardiff

We take pride in declaring that the honour was endowed on National Tyres & Autocare’s Falkirk centre. This prestigious award stands a testimony to our unrelenting penchant for excellence and success. We aim to continue exceeding customer expectations and hone our tyre and autocare expertise to higher levels of precision.

National Tyres and Autocare has established itself as the biggest independent fast fit tyre expert in UK. We extend our skilled services to the business segment as well with our National Fleet division. It boasts of a 225-branch-strong network and unmatched expertise at vehicular part repairs and safety inspections.

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