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Willis wins again

05 Sep 2012

endover’s Trevor Willis enjoyed a near-perfect weekend at a rain-hit Prescott Speed Hillclimb for rounds 29 and 30 of the Avon Tyres MSA British Hillclimb Championship last weekend.

The championship leader took victory and a hill record in the first run-off of the weekend on a dry Gloucestershire afternoon and finished second in a damp final run-off to extend his lead in the drivers’ championship with just four rounds remaining.

With the exception of Wallace Menzies, it was the usual crowd of top 12 regulars who made it through to the first top 12 run-off, for which points are awarded to the top 10 finishers.

Powering his OMS 25 up the 1127-yard hill in a time of 36.24 seconds, Willis overcame the power advantage of title rival, Scott Moran, to claim a valuable 10 championship points and an extra point for the hill record – his third of the year in an exceptionally strong season for the Wendover-based driver.

Hot on his heels was reigning British Hillclimb Champion, Moran, who trailed Willis by just two-and-a-half tenths of a second. Moran was followed by Jos Goodyear, who bounced back this weekend after a disappointing run at Gurston Down, while the 1997 British Hillclimb Champion – Roger Moran – placed the family Gould GR61X in sixth, picking up a further five championship points.

The second qualifying session of the weekend produced the most varied top 12 run-off of the season as rain struck at the halfway point. Of the top 12 regulars, only Jos Goodyear managed to post a time in the dry; the racer benefited from being a shared driver, taking to the hill in his GWR Raptor early to post the best qualification time. Of all the wet runners, only Trevor Willis – who has so many times shone in the rain – was able to post a time quick enough to see him through to the second run-off. With title rival, Moran, failing to make it through for the second time in just six rounds, Willis seized his opportunity to increase his lead in the drivers’ standings.

It was a masterful effort from Willis, who took to a damp hill to record a time of 41.64 seconds – some five seconds off his new hill record – to take second place in the final run-off. Jos Goodyear, who enjoyed one of his strongest weekends of the year, was the eventual winner of the second run-off, climbing the Gloucestershire course in a time of 41.29 seconds to move up to third in the drivers’ standings.

The results of the Prescott weekend see Trevor Willis extend his lead over Scott Moran in the title race; with dropped scores now taking effect, Willis leads with 253 points over Moran with 221 points. Jos Goodyear now lies in third with 186 points, just two points clear of Roger Moran with four rounds remaining.

The penultimate weekend of the Avon Tyres MSA British Hillclimb Championship will take place at Doune, Scotland on September 15th and 16 th.

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