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Cooper adds Discoverer A/T3 to range of 4x4 products

08 Aug 2012

MELKSHAM , UK , 31 JULY, 2012 – Cooper Tires has added its dynamic new A/T3 tyre to its acclaimed Discoverer range of 4x4 tyres.

Combining outstanding performance and stability, Cooper’s modern 5-rib all-terrain design is engineered to provide performance both for on-road and off road driving.

The A/T3 tread pattern exploits a combination of features specifically suited to provide solid all-terrain handling, superior all-weather traction, stability and reliable tread wear.

Meanwhile, the A/T3’s carefully-crafted broken centre and dual draft angles on the tread aid soft surface traction make it the perfect all-rounder, delivering strength and reducing damage when travelling on rough terrain or harsh road conditions.

The strategically-placed lateral groove protectors on the tread help motorists to avoid stone retention and ‘drilling’, still allowing for superb grip in a range of testing driving conditions.

The class-leading Discoverer range provides excellent ride quality, both on and off the road, delivering comfort and confidence in equal measure.

Julian Baldwin, managing director of Cooper Tire Europe, said: “Our Discoverer range already features some of the best 4x4 tyres on offer and is a firm favourite, especially among the Land Rover fraternity. The A/T3 fits nicely into the family, providing off-road enthusiasts and 4x4 users with exactly what is needed - confidence in stability and superb grip in a variety of harsh conditions, whilst still optimising comfort.”

The A/T3 is available to buy in SUV and truck sizes ranging from 15 to 20 inch from Cooper stockists now.

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