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Bridgestone launches cutting-edge Challenge app for its Truck and Bus team

04 Jul 2012

A revolutionary new iPad app has been created by Bridgestone to help its Truck and Bus team monitor the performance of customer’s tyres.

The “Bridgestone Challenge” app, which is unique in the tyre industry, represents an important step toward embracing technology and making the fleet monitoring and buying process more user-friendly.

It demonstrates the most effective fleet solution by simplifying data into user friendly, single-page reports.

It is designed to measure key performance factors including pence per kilometre (PPK), performance and tyre wear analysis, demonstrating the long term cost benefits of utilising Bridgestone truck and bus tyres.

The system also allows instant comparison with other tyre brands to ensure that all fleet customers are using the most cost effective tyre for them at all times.

The Bridgestone sales teams can easily enter tyre fitment and performance information offline, then upload their data to a central server when they hit a wi-fi zone.

Data from other users is simultaneously pushed to their iPads so the sales teams have a wealth of performance information from around the country at their finger tips.

Andy Mathias, UK TBR Product & Marketing Manager, at Bridgestone UK, said:

“We studied how we could evolve our system of tyre data storage and product comparison. By using cutting edge technology we have moved away from traditional spreadsheets and made the whole process more straightforward for our sales teams and end users.

The creation of the “Bridgestone Challenge” app represents a more modern and effective approach to capturing and evaluating tyre performance.

The App single handedly ensures data is available to our sales teams and customers – proving the low operating costs of running Bridgestone truck & bus tyres.”

“By focusing on clarity and simplicity, the app gives clients access to the data that they want most, enabling them to make confident, informed decisions when supplying their fleets.”

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