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IRTE Skills Challenge reveals coach and bus engineers are bright sparks

26 Jun 2012

  • 94 per cent confidently cite key component of a lead acid battery
  • Half of participants struggle with resistor questions
  • Award ceremony held next month

Engineers have demonstrated strong mechanical bus and coach electrics knowledge during an online test for the Bridgestone sponsored 2012 IRTE (Institute of Road Transport Engineers) Skills Challenge – although results from some electrical questions show a skill gap in the industry.

The online test was launched to give would be participants in this year’s IRTE Skills Challenge a flavour of what the competition, which sees teams of engineers from across the country go head to head, entailed.

Some 94 per cent of those who took the online test last month knew electrolyte fluid was a key component in a lead acid battery. And, while the average score on electrical questions was 76 per cent, subjects relating to electrical resistors and resistance proved to be the most challenging, showcasing a pass rate of 49 per cent.

Engineers who opted to try the online test were scored on their knowledge across three disciplines - electrical, body and mechanical. Results showed that engineers are more confident in mechanical skills than any other.

Questions regarding the body of coaches and buses attracted the least amount of correct answers, with all candidates struggling to correctly answer how plastic repairs on thermo-setting plastic should be undertaken.

Bridgestone encouraged engineers to accept the online challenge to compete with their peers, in order to not only showcase the skill, talent and dedication of engineers within the industry but also to highlight gaps where knowledge could be improved.

Stuart Attfield, commercial marketing coordinator at Bridgestone, said: “The online skills test was an informal interactive way of identifying where individuals excel in the industry. Most importantly it provides an opportunity for those individuals to acknowledge these skills gaps and improve on them.

The hopefuls will be competing to win one of six awards* which will be presented to winners and finalists during a ceremony in July 2012

* Awards will be presented in the following categories:

• Top scoring mechanical technician

• Top scoring electrical technician

• Top scoring body technician

• Electrical, mechanical and body team award

• Mechanical & electrical combined award

• Best collaboration on teamwork challenge award.

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