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Firestone farming app set to reach 10,000 downloads by harvest

21 Jun 2012

The Firestone Tyre Pressure Calculator app is on track to meet 10,000 downloads by this year’s harvest. The free app, which is already available for iPhones, was launched for android devices at the 2012 Cereals Show in Lincolnshire, the premium technical event for the arable industry.

The Tyre Pressure Calculator is an efficiency app specifically designed to reflect the needs of the farming community. By selecting a specific tyre size, users can see the correct pressure for the load and speed of their vehicle, which optimises fuel efficiency and helps prevent the soil compaction that starves crops of essential nutrients.

Firestone is leading the way in developing technology in order to benefit what can be viewed as one of the most traditional industries in the world and the response from farmers so far shows a desire to use technology to improve business performance.

Barry Coleman, Firestone product manager, said: “We’re really keen to help farmers take realistic steps towards improving their productivity levels. There have been 7,500 downloads of the app so far which shows there’s a healthy appetite for maximising performance and profitability.”

“It is hoped that by the time we reach the 2012 harvesting period, we’ll have reached 10,000 downloads. As such, making sure the technology is widely available, for the most popular phone types and through major online retailers, is vital.”

The Tyre Pressure Calculator app is available to download via the following URL:

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