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You can't always predict when your day is going to go wrong - but you can do something about it.

10 May 2012

Beth didn't realise that her day was going to go so badly wrong when she left work that afternoon to pick up her two children from primary school. She was driving a familiar route, the roads were reasonably quiet as most were in work and she was an exceptionally cautious and careful driver, as her impeccable no-claims record reflected.

The drive started out as normal but at a notoriously dangerous junction a careless van driver spent a fraction of a second too long checking his mobile and ended up ploughing straight into the back of her, crumpling the boot of her second-hand Honda.

Luckily for Beth she recently had her tyres changed at the local dealership. Her old ones had been fitted years ago and the treads were worn right down. She replaced them with a set of brand new, high quality yet cost-efficient tyres with a sturdy tread depth, which proved to be invaluable during the skid that Beth's car went into. Due to the thickness and rigidity of the rubber tyre combined with her experience she was able to correct the car's motion; avoiding swerving into the next lane and causing a much more dangerous accident.

There are about 40,000 car accidents on the road every year in Britain, many of which take place on the country's most notorious traffic blackspots - busy roads such as the A59 Skipton to Harrogate, or the dangerous A54 Congleton bypass. As car users are the highest percentage of people in the United Kingdom who suffer from accidents a sizeable amount of earning potential is lost every year from those who are forced to stay at home on temporary or permanent redundancy from their jobs. A recent estimate of the lost wages inflicted on those who cannot work due to car accident injuries is about £1.3 billion a year.

Having read about others who were making successful personal injury claims Beth contacted a solicitor who gave her some statistics about how she might make the best of her unfortunate situation, one being that over 300,000 injury compensation claims are submitted in the United Kingdom each year for road accidents involving drivers (the most common type of claim). Although each case is individual and should be treated as such, the confidence of the majority of personal injury solicitors who practice a "no win, no fee" business reflect the figure that over 80% of minor and major personal injury claims were settled with compensation.

If, like Beth, you have been involved in a traffic accident and it wasn't your fault, why not try contacting a personal injury solicitor? Initial advice is often free of charge, and the majority of clients are satisfied with their result.

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