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Bridgestone Truck Point hits record call out response times

04 May 2012

Although Bridgestone’s class leading Truck Point network provides proactive tyre management and preventative maintenance to drive down roadside tyre breakdowns, sometimes punctures are unpreventable. That is why the latest breakdown response times published by Bridgestone UK will offer comfort to fleets where downtime is money. Latest figures show average call out response times of 48 minutes anywhere in the UK – day or night.

Swift action during a breakdown situation is critical to business for truck fleet operators who work to strict deadlines with the threat of penalties for delivery delays.

The network has more than 300 independent outlets and 1,000 service staff that are trained specifically on servicing truck tyres, reassuring customers that it can properly provide service cover across Europe.

A dedicated breakdown call centre is staffed with a knowledgeable truck tyre team who are proficient in handling break down emergencies and can fully assist in getting trucks back up and running promptly. To continue communications effectively between truck fleet operators and their customers, the centre also provides an automated email service that will alert the customer when a break down has occurred and when the truck has been repaired.

Andy Mathias, Bridgestone UK TBR product and marketing manager, said:

“Bridgestone is always aware of the problems that breakdowns can cause for truck fleet operators and we are committed to quick, quality controlled call out response times. Our service is designed to eliminate any concern operators may have about breakdown repair response times and allow businesses to trust that Bridgestone will handle their needs fast and successfully.”


Independently owned British company, Tuffnells Parcels Express, specialises in next day delivery of various sized packages between businesses throughout the UK. Tuffnells’ fleet consists of over 700 vehicles that are based out of 30 depots located across the UK and Ireland, they have utilised Truck Point for the past five years.

Alan Wood, fleet engineer, says:

“One of the major reasons I chose to renew our contract with Bridgestone was their excellent breakdown performance. In my business, missed deliveries and downtime are too costly to ignore and our work necessitates a service that is consistently time efficient, reliable and something we can have confidence in – Bridgestone has definitely shown it is more than capable of the superior quality breakdown service we need.”

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