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Drivers forced to cut back on car journeys

30 Apr 2012

A survey of British motorists found that almost two thirds are opting to leave their cars behind and travelling by other means in order to save money in the face of unprecedentedly high fuel prices, limiting driving for only the most crucial journeys.

The research, commissioned by Bridgestone UK, found that 65 per cent of people have stopped using their car so often in an effort to save money and 67 per cent are encouraging their families to walk more as part of a wider cost cutting exercise.

In a far cry from the freedoms having a car used to offer, drivers are now having to reduce their mileage to only necessary commuting and grocery shopping after fuel prices recently rose past £1.40 per litre in many parts of the country.

Andy Dingley, Bridgestone UK Communications Manager, said: “Our research shows that people are sacrificing journeys because they simply can’t afford to fill up as much so the car is being left behind on all non-essential travel. The current prices are amongst the highest we have seen and coupled with the fact that people’s budgets are extremely tight, economies are having to be made to ensure that commuting and grocery mileage can continue to be afforded.”

Elsewhere the survey discovered that as high as fuel prices currently are, the vast majority of people were opposed to parting with their vehicle, with only four per cent saying that this was an option they would ideally take and almost 60 per cent ruling out a switch to alternative fuels.

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