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Run Flat tyres from Bridgestone won’t leave motorists stranded

20 Apr 2012

Bridgestone’s Run Flat Tyres technology is routinely refined, revisited and tested to ensure it offers drivers a comfortable and safe ride – even when a tyre has become flat. The Bridgestone Run Flat tyres line-up recently expanded to include the first Firestone Run Flat Tyre, Firehawk SZ90µ.

The brand-new Firehawk SZ90µ and the rest of the Bridgestone Run Flat tyre range use technology created to enable the driver to continue driving on a flat tyre for a distance of up to 50 miles at a speed of 50 mph. If the tyre loses pressure, it will still allow the motorist to return home or travel to a maintenance garage safely.

Each Run Flat Tyre has a harder sidewall rubber which enables the tyre to support the vehicle’s weight and load at zero pressure. To combat the tyre separating from the wheel when pressure is lost, it has a specially designed bead. This bead is filled with a unique rubber that acts as a filler to help control heat build-up created during run flat driving.

Current third generation Bridgestone Run Flat Tyres have been tested and reviewed by industry professionals who have agreed the tyres have excellent absorption over bumps which is useful for ensuring a more comfortable ride when travelling off road or on UK roads in disrepair. Motoring journalists have praised the low noise of these tyres and their reduction in fuel consumption as users don’t have to carry a spare. Reviews specifically noted that differences between a conventional tyre and Run Flat Tyres are undetectable – a tribute to Bridgestone’s commitment to high comfort and quality standards for their Run Flat Tyres.

Andy Dingley, communications manager at Bridgestone UK said: “Bridgestone is committed to providing superior products and we’ll continually progress and improve our Run Flat Technology so it is always safe, cutting-edge and economical for our customers.”

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