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Ainscough crane hire renew contract with Bridgestone

11 Apr 2012

Bridgestone has renewed its contract for tyre supply policy with Ainscough Crane Hire, the UK’s largest crane operator.

Bridgestone will continue to supply and service tyres for Ainscough’s nationwide crane network for yet another year with its national Truck Point network. The extension of the agreement between Bridgestone and Ainscough is testimony to the strength of their long-standing relationship.

Ainscough’s network has over 500 cranes in operation and Bridgestone remains confident that they can deliver outstanding service for the crane hire business for another year running.

Steve Cooke Ainscough Engineering Director , said: “We are very happy to have renewed our tyre contract with Bridgestone, we have enjoyed a good partnership with them on all fronts and Bridgestone’s Truck Point network has the expertise to proactively manage our large fleet”.

Truck Point provides 24-hour breakdown cover, proactive tyre husbandry and a tailored selection from the Bridgestone range for each vehicle. Bridgestone and Truck Point collectively strive to sustain strategic commitment to improving performance and presence in the fleet service sector.

Greg Ward, Bridgestone UK commercial director , commented: “It’s great that Ainscough is continuing to work with Bridgestone. Over the years we have formed a strong bond – our colleagues in the Truck Point network have provided Ainscough with excellent service”.

For Bridgestone, this partnership fits perfectly with the company’s long-term focus on delivering leading quality, performance and long-term savings for companies based on the road.

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