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Long serving fleet fitter rewarded with high achievement award

06 Mar 2012

Dennis Fisher, a fleet fitter from Stamford has been awarded for his dedicated service spanning over 30 years. Kingsway Tyres Stamford Ltd. presented its long time employee with a special achievement award and gifts during its yearly company conference.

Dennis received the company’s unsung hero award, gift vouchers and a bottle of champagne which he earned for his long standing contribution to his job and his customers and his willingness to go the extra mile in his daily work.

Colleagues spoke highly of Dennis’ work over the years: “Dennis is always willing to complete additional tasks, even those which require him to travel and be away from home for weeks at a time; he used his initiative to solve problems – it’s wonderful to have him rewarded for the excellent work ethic he has.”

Dennis Fisher said: “I’m so pleased with the recognition I’ve had for the service I’ve given over the years. It’s wonderful to see what an impact your work has had on other people in the business and how much they appreciate what you’ve done for them. I’m certain I’ll find good use for the gift vouchers and I’ll definitely enjoy the champagne too!”

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