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Axis Fleet Management partner Bridgestone to maintain fleet prices

02 Mar 2012

Truck hire company Axis Fleet Management has awarded its tyre maintenance contract to Bridgestone, a move which has allowed them to give pricing stability on the majority of tyre products to their customers thanks to the overall working life of Bridgestone products.

The contract also means Axis, which provides bespoke contract hire for, trucks, trailers, rigids and swap-bodies, will have access to Bridgestone’s class leading service network Truck Point, which offers around the clock, 365 day a year coverage.

Nigel Bailey, Operations Director at Axis Intermodal UK, said: “This is a solid business move for Axis that not only gives us access to a state-of-the-art fleet solution like Truck Point but has also allowed us to minimise increased cost on to our valued customers.”

The Truck Point network offers a comprehensive billing and tyre management package that collates all tyre activity across a fleet against company specific criteria, and displays all of the information in a single, user-friendly web application. The network will enable Axis to monitor each tyre - from fitting to disposal - in real-time, as well as cost and wear per mile, allowing the company to accurately track overall tyre expenditure for the fleet.

Paul Emery, national fleet sales manager at Bridgestone UK, said: “This latest contract success clearly demonstrates both the technical and financial value of our fleet tyre management system and the Truck Point network which caters for all of the needs of fleet operators while managing to remain competitively priced. We will be working closely with Axis developing a full cost effective solution for their specific needs and are confident that they will see the benefits very quickly.”

About Bridgestone

The largest manufacturer of tyres and rubber products worldwide, Bridgestone leads the way in quality, technologically innovative goods and services and is a trusted brand that goes from strength to strength.

Established in 1931 in the small town of Kurume, Japan on the island of Kyushu by its founder Shojiro Ishibashi, today it is a multi billion pound business with 183 manufacturing plants, in 26 countries and a presence in over 150 markets worldwide.

Always seeking to be the best at what it does, Bridgestone is focused on its mission of “serving society with superior quality” through an enviable range of products that satisfy the needs of the customer and society as a whole.

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