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All Season Tyres for Unpredictable British Weather

12 Nov 2014

Bridgestone has created a new range of tyres to help motorists cope with the unpredictable British winter weather.

With the much talked about cold snap, which saw snow fall in most areas of the country last week, many drivers in the UK are being warned to fit specialist winter tyres.

However, Bridgestone, which has recently launched its new all-weather tyre, says that winter tyres are possibly not needed in the majority of conditions in the UK.

“With 70 per cent of motorists* not checking their tyres at all, driving on under-inflated tyres and 1 in 50 driving on both severely worn and severely underinflated tyres, we need to make sure that those people are still safe on the roads – but we also recognise that households are feeling the pinch and changing tyres every season is costly,” said Andy Dingley, Communications Manager, Bridgestone.

Bridgestone’s Weather Control tyres can stay on a vehicle all year round. In winter, the tread pattern’s high-density siping has plenty of edge effect for controlled handling and braking on cold, frozen and snowy roads. Additionally, a special silica compound provides strong grip in wet and wintry conditions, regardless of the temperature, ideal for UK weather conditions.

The Bridgestone A001 Weather Control has been developed for specific European regions and is suitable for moderate climates and wet, light winters such as the UK, Ireland, Belgium and Denmark. The new Bridgestone A001 Weather Control is designed to give drivers in these regions a confident, safe driving experience all year round.

The tyre is dynamic and easy to drive, thanks to excellent front-rear balance, stable cornering and strong traction in both wet and dry. On wet roads, the specially designed lens-shaped blocks ensure smooth water evacuation with low water turbulence, reducing the risk of hydroplaning. Bridgestone has also tuned the tread pattern for low noise and optimum road contact in all surface conditions.

“Many motorists are being given inaccurate advice about winter tyres in this country, in fact a survey by Bridgestone at the end of last year discovered one in twenty families have sold the second car due to the recession**. We feel that a balance must be struck where families can drive safely in all road conditions in the UK without breaking the bank, and Weather Control tyres could be that balance for many motorists.”

Bridgestone’s A001 Weather Control tyre is M+S marked (Mud + Snow) and rated as a snow tyre in most markets where winter tyres are required by law. The Bridgestone A001 Weather Control is available in 11 sizes to fit popular cars in the small and compact segments.

** Survey on 1,500 mums was conducted in September 2011 by 72 Point

About Bridgestone

The largest manufacturer of tyres and rubber products worldwide, Bridgestone leads the way in quality, technologically innovative goods and services and is a trusted brand that goes from strength to strength.

Established in 1931 in the small town of Kurume, Japan on the island of Kyushu by its founder Shojiro Ishibashi, today it is a multi billion pound business with 183 manufacturing plants, in 26 countries and a presence in over 150 markets worldwide.

Always seeking to be the best at what it does, Bridgestone is focused on its mission of “serving society with superior quality” through an enviable range of products that satisfy the needs of the customer and society as a whole.

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