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Caravan Tyres - Winter Storage Tips

18 Oct 2011

Now that autumn’s definitely here, many caravanners will be putting their vehicles aside until next spring. Before you leave your caravan for the winter, there are a couple of things you should do to ensure your vehicle’s tyres don’t suffer too much over the winter period. ‘By following these simple tips, you can make sure your caravan’s tyres are ready to hit the road next spring.’ says Michael Bourne, Marketing Director at National Tyres and Autocare.

1. If possible, jack the weight off your tyres.

2. Cover your tyres to shield them from the elements. Exposure to direct sun and coastal weather conditions make tyres deteriorate more quickly.

3. If you are a hardy winter caravanner, consider changing to winter tyres which have better grip on wet roads once the temperature drops below 7 degrees. This is a legal requirement in some countries, so check before you travel.

4. Tyres can deteriorate over the winter – so make sure you carry out a tyre check before taking to the road next spring.

5. Tyres left standing for long periods are susceptible to flat spots which can lead to punctures – check pressure carefully after the winter.

6. Rotate your tyres before you take to the road again so they wear evenly.

As you will be aware, caravan tyres aren’t made specially for pulling a vehicle – they are standard car tyres, but they are subject to different conditions than usual car driving, with a greater load and more pressure being placed on the tyres. So take some care of your vehicle’s tyres with these winter safety tips. For more information about caravan tyres, visit

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