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Michelin Extends Gratitude To North Staffordshire Carers' Association By Way Of Sports

21 Aug 2014

World’s leading radial maker Michelin is way beyond just tyres. Its spirit of service to the society is as rich as its product portfolio. Michelin recently organised a day filled with sporting activities for Staffordshire’s prominent carer association – NSCA.

It was a special day for young carers at the renowned North Staffordshire Carers' Association. Michelin decided to reward the youngsters out there for their altruistic endeavours.

A day full of excitement, enthusiasm and sport turned out to be an amazing sporting event for NSCA members. The members of this association are several dozens of youngsters, who contribute their valuable time to tend for people in need.

These young individuals enjoyed outdoor as well as indoor sports such as football and rounders on that day, courtesy Michelin. The sport sessions were held at the Michelin Athletic Club based in Trent Vale.

A Sport Event With A Different Intention

Over 60 youngsters, aged from 10 to 16, participated in the sports session held earlier this month. A senior youth development associate at NSCA, Diane Cox, stated that the Michelin-led event was an important stress buster for the young carers, who forcefully mature early as a consequence of caring for young ones.

She expressed that this event turned out to be among the biggest ones for NSCA and became extremely popular with the kids this summer. She added that juvenile association members loved this event as it gave them a chance to indulge in fun while interacting with people in similar situations.

Diane further said that usually there is lack of opportunity for young NSCA carers to participate in sport; they lack in confidence and they are not even used to interacting with many people. Hence, such events play a crucial role in helping them emerge from their shells.

She delightfully stated that Michelin turned out to be absolutely amazing for NSCA. She sincerely hoped that it will continue with the activity for years to follow and give young NSCA-ites a day off that they so well deserve.

Michelin Feels Great

Mascots such as the Stoke City’s Pottermus as well as the Michelin Man were a part of the event along with North Staffordshire Carers' Association’s Snuggles. A project co-ordinator with Michelin, Danielle Jankiewicz, stated that Michelin felt great to see young carers get a day off from their responsibilities and watch them enjoy sports.

She said that it felt lovely to organise an event only for those youngsters who willingly relinquish their time and look after the needy. In 2012, the tyre giant had raised more than £12,000 for NSCA.

A factory manager, who serves at Michelin’s Stoke plant, Jonathan Wright, stated that Michelin employees who contributed their time to the event at NSCA enjoyed themselves genuinely. And this level and spirit of participation demonstrates a great deal about the company as well as about the selfless work that NSCA does.

Several people at the Michelin site are eager to support NSCA, alongside other official charities chosen by Michelin in 2014, added Wright. There are several cases in which friends of Michelin staff members have received help from groups like NSCA in the past; and it feels great to see them extend continued support towards such groups, concluded Wright.

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