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Notice of Non-Affiliation with The Tyres Network

13 Aug 2014

At National Tyres and Autocare we take great pride in our commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Our brand and the values associated with it are of great importance to our business and help to maintain our position within the industry. It is therefore essential that we protect both our reputation and our customers at all times. We therefore have chosen to make a notice of non-affiliation in relation to a new commercial entity National Tyres Network Limited (which is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Silkmoth Limited) previously named National Tyres Network and now trading as The Tyres Network.

The Tyres Network is an online directory which, for a fee, offers independent garages a microsite to promote their business. Each microsite is then added as a listing into The Tyres Network’s online directory. Visitors to the website can find a garage by typing in a location.

Our attention was first drawn to the website after it appeared to intentionally take unfair advantage of the National Tyres and Autocare brand. We were concerned that potential and current customers may see this as an endorsement by us or may be misled into believing that this site was in fact something created by National Tyres and Autocare.

After filing a dispute with Nominet UK (who manage all domain names in the UK), our case was successful and the site’s owner was ordered to transfer the offending domain name to National Tyres and Autocare.

On closer inspection we became concerned that The Tyres Network’s business model ensures that Silkmoth Limited retain complete ownership and control of the microsite for each business. We would recommend to all retailers currently using this business model that they have adequate safeguards in place to prevent Silkmoth Limited removing their microsite without warning or increasing the cost of the service. Currently, it would appear that all retailers are encouraged to promote a site that they ultimately do not own.

Axle Group Holdings Limited (which owns National Tyres and Autocare and sister company Viking Wholesale Tyres) works closely with a network of over 3000 independent garages throughout the UK and believe raising awareness of this issue is in the interests of both the industry and our network.

Any approach from National Tyres Network Limited is not in any way associated with National Tyre Service Limited or National Tyres and Autocare.

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