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National Warns Trade of Online Scams

01 Apr 2011

National Tyres and Autocare warns of attempts to defraud unsuspecting traders using National’s well-known brand name.

A false account for ‘National Tyre Service Ltd’ and a quantity of fictitious tyre prices were listed on commercial trading website, using the company logo, Head Office address and branch contact details to add authenticity to the listing. An international trader attempting to purchase tyres through the site was then contacted by the imposter and encouraged to transfer funds using the Western Union money transfer system, in an attempt to access their funds fraudulently.

Fortunately, the fraudulent activity was identified and National has initiated proceedings to ensure the false listing is removed as an infringement of trademark legislation. However the company is concerned that other organisations could encounter similar scams.

Tony Neill, Chief Executive, National Tyres and Autocare, commented “We live in a digital age where occurrences of online fraud are increasing; e-criminals are highly resourceful so it is difficult to stay ahead of the game. Organisations must be vigilant about protecting their brand and ensure it’s not being misused by third parties, in order to safeguard customers in the UK and internationally.”

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