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Fresh Slick Tyres Underway For The 2015 British GT – Courtesy Avon Tyres

24 Sep 2014

Avon Tyres is all set to introduce a new series of slick tyres for the British GT championship next year. 2015 will witness the championship racers compete using this advanced set of radials to redefine benchmarks of racing.

Avon Tyres has designed a set of innovative slick tyres for the 2015 British GT racing series. The radial manufacturer is the title sponsor of the event and has recently unveiled its latest racing radial.

Last time when Avon Tyres introduced a new set of tyres for the British GT racing Championship was exactly three years ago. The event participants and teams were satisfied with those tyres and deemed those as optimal for the event. That was the precise reason why SRO Motorsports Group, the series organiser, requested to continue with the same tyres for the past three years.

Nevertheless, for the upcoming season of Avon Tyres British GT Championship, the tyre compound will be changed and all GT3 and GT4 racers will benefit from a fresh set of Avon slick tyres.

Development and Testing

The tyre maker lately has been quite busy with the development and testing of the new tyre. Avon Tyres, fully owned by US based Cooper Tyre and Rubber Company, has already tested the new British GT tyre rigorously. Most recently, the tests were carried out at Snetterton in England. Some of the premium marques that were a part of the tyre tests were McLaren, Aston Martin, Ferrari and Bentley.

Mike Lynch, the Technical Manager for the Avon Tyres Motorsport division, stated that their latest slick tyre is a direct evolution of their already successful radial being used for the British GT Championship. The said slick racing radial has delivered maximum lap times similar to, or even better than, the current 2014 product.

Lynch also stated that Avon has primarily focussed on improving the performance of the tyre significantly, all through the ambient conditions range. He further added that Avon Tyres is extremely pleased, in every respect, with the results of the tyre tests conducted in the UK, Germany and Italy. He expressed eagerness, on behalf of Avon, to witness a closer and more competitive event in 2015.

Avon Tyres and Its Commitment to British GT

The Melksham-based tyre manufacturing firm, as a part of its commitment to this world-renowned Championship, has invested in a series of moulds. These will be designed to produce tyres with enhanced wet performance. These revised tyres will feature an innovative pattern, replacing the previously used hand cut tread.

Avon Tyres will enter its ninth year as a key championship supporter in 2015. The event showcases the most esteemed and sophisticated grid of sports cars among all national motorsport championships.

The Avon Tyres British GT Championship brings to global motorsport fans the most spectacular experience of its kind. Fans across the world await some of the most stunning supercars competing bumper-to-bumper, earth-shattering noise, tremendous speeds as well as all the drama associated with driver changeovers and pit stops. The experience of watching a British GT race is definitely not worth missing.

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