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National Offer Free Checks to Support Tyre Safety Month

12 Sep 2008

National Tyres and Autocare plans to support Tyre Safety Month again this year by offering customers free tyre pressure, tread depth and general tyre condition checks for their vehicles.

Building on the success of last year’s campaign, October’s Tyre Safety Month will highlight the importance of correctly inflated tyres and raise awareness of how and when to check tyre pressures.

Maintaining correct tyre pressures helps motorists brake, steer and accelerate more safely. Incorrectly inflated tyres are proven to significantly reduce fuel economy and increase tyre wear which in the long run costs motorists money.

Prolonging tyre life by regularly checking tyre pressures, also helps reduce CO2 emissions and when tyres last longer, they need to be disposed of less often, further reducing the energy consumed in their disposal.

Tony Neill, Chief Executive Officer, commented “Ensuring that all tyres are in good condition and inflated to the correct level is fundamental to driver and passenger safety. However, many motorists are unsure of the correct pressures for their tyres.”

“As a founding member of TyreSafe, National is highly committed to tyre safety and by offering these FREE checks, our customers can be confident that their tyres are

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