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National Tyres and Autocare receive TyreSafe award

22 Apr 2008

The prestigious TyreSafe outstanding achievement award has this year been presented to National Tyres and Autocare for the company’s outstanding contribution to the work of TyreSafe since its formation at the start of 2007. It was presented to NTA’s Chief Executive Officer, Tony Neill, by Rob Beddis, Chairman of TyreSafe at the National Tyre Distributors Association Dinner in Birmingham earlier this month.

TyreSafe grew out of the old Tyre Industry Council and NTA were a founder member of the new organisation helping to develop a new structure, tyre safety strategy and re-branding which has already had a profound effect in raising tyre safety awareness and wider road safety. Since the formation of TyreSafe, NTA has actively engaged with, and supported, the recruitment of new members which now stands at 26 companies representing all the key tyre industry organisations.

Commenting on the award Tony Neill said, “We are delighted to receive this award from TyreSafe. National Tyres and Autocare, along with our colleagues from Continental, Michelin, Cooper Tires and Kumho, has invested a considerable amount of time and resource into the launch of TyreSafe in 2007 and its on-going management, because we strongly believe in the work it is doing to raise awareness of tyre safety issues, amongst all users of tyres. The success of TyreSafe in 2007 has been validated by the incredible support received from all sectors of the industry and we look forward to helping TyreSafe build on that success in 2008".

Rob Beddis, Chairman of TyreSafe said, “The award is well deserved. Some bold decisions were necessary when TyreSafe was first created but its success, helped tremendously by the support and enthusiasm of the team at NTA, has been more than justified. We look forward to continued support from NTA and all of our other supporters for the vital road safety work that TyreSafe has to perform”.

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