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TyreSafe calls for action on faulty forecourt airlines

21 Jan 2008

TyreSafe, the tyre industry's leading tyre safety body, is calling on owners and managers of petrol retail forecourts to ensure that their tyre pressure airlines are kept in good working order following a damning report from the leading motoring weekly magazine Auto Express. The magazine found that up to 40% of these vital pieces of equipment were found to be faulty or in-operative.

Tyre pressures are vital to the safety and economic operation of all vehicles and tyre pressure airlines, that deliver greater or lesser pressures than required on the forecourt, could put motorist's safety at risk. Recent Department for Transport figures have confirmed that a third of all accidents involving injury was as a result of defective or under inflated tyres.

TyreSafe retail supporters National Tyres and Autocare are offering motorists the opportunity of having their tyre pressures checked and adjusted where necessary, together with a simple five point winter safety check, at any of their nationwide retail outlets. TyreSafe is urging motorists to take advantage of this free pressure check having regard for the particularly heavy rainfall in many areas at present, which will test how good a vehicle's tyres really are.

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