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Tyres Neglected - One third of drivers ignore tread depth

02 Jan 2008

· Over half of motorists fail to regularly check their tyre pressures

· One third of drivers ignore tread depth

As the majority of commuters return to work this week after the Christmas break, the recent onset of wintry weather means that motorists are being welcomed back with difficult and challenging driving conditions, and the latest research has revealed that tyres are far from the highest priority in the new year's resolutions of drivers.

According to a recent survey by Motorpoint, the UK's leading car supermarket, over half of motorists are failing to regularly check their tyre pressures before embarking on their journey, putting themselves and fellow drivers on the road at increased risk, as the latest cold spell hits the UK. This follows the worrying results from a study by automaker Kia which found that one in three drivers failed to check their tread depth each month during the winter season in 2007.

Severely deflated tyres pose a serious safety risk says TyreSafe, affecting the behaviour and handling of a vehicle as stopping distances in icy conditions are significantly increased by up to ten times the normal level, therefore raising the likelihood of an accident. It is equally important that tread depth is maintained above the minimum legal level of 1.6 mm to ensure the maximum level of grip on hazardous road surfaces.

Commenting on the findings, TyreSafe explains: "These results are of particular concern, as it clearly shows that motorists are simply not prepared for the colder weather. With snow and ice forecast to hit the country's roads in during the next few days, we strongly advise that motorists pay even greater attention to the condition of their tyres and find out their manufacturer recommended pressures if they are unsure." Tyre Safe in conjuntion with National Tyres and Autocare recommends that motorists check their tyres before every journey, and more thoroughly on a monthly basis. For a free tyre safety check contact your local branch direct by calling free on 0800 62 66 66

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