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Defective tyres – one of the top five road safety dangers

15 Nov 2007

concerns expressed by TyreSafe and is supported by government figures which show that under-inflated and defective tyres are responsible for a third of all road crashes resulting in injury.

Hertfordshire Constabulary has made this information available to mark the start of a road safety campaign in the county in November following on from the successful Tyre Safety Month which National Tyres and Autocare supported in October. During this month long campaign Hertfordshire police will be urging drivers and motorcyclists to ensure that they check the condition of their tyres to help keep safe on the roads this winter.

Research by Hertfordshire police has indicated that in their county, November is traditionally the worst month of the year for serious road collisions and the force has identified the top five factors: speed, drink driving, illness, fatigue and distraction, not wearing seat belts and tyres.

TyreSafe fully supports the comments made by Hertfordshire Constabulary's strategic road policing inspector David Partridge, "I think some people might find it surprising that tyres play such a significant part of road safety, and I hope that our campaign will encourage them to make checking their tyres an essential part of their vehicle maintenance routine".

The TyreSafe website contains a variety of tyre safety information and tips to help keep motorists safe on the road. Research by TyreSafe shows that 12% of cars and vans on the road have at least one defective tyre, a further 12% of cars and vans have a tyre at below 2mm, whilst not illegal, in need of replacement says TyreSafe.

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