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Research has indicated that skidding in the wet is a motorist's major fear.

28 Jul 2007

Almost a quarter of all cars and vans on the roads in the UK have at least one defective or badly worn tyre and according to TyreSafe - the UK’s leading tyre safety organisation - in need of replacement. The current bout of unseasonably wet weather underlines the importance of having tyres with adequate tread depth.

Defective or badly worn tyres are a contributory factor in many vehicle accidents, particularly in the wet, and as the summer holiday period gets into its stride TyreSafe is advising motorists to check all their tyres before travelling to ensure a trouble free drive to their holiday destination.

In particular, when preparing for the holidays motorists should remember that their vehicles may be carrying a heavier than usual load often in warm conditions and travelling much longer distances than usual.

TyreSafe is recommending motorists undertake a simple 5 minute tyre safety check to ensure that their tyres are safe before starting their journey.

Check and adjust if necessary, the tyre pressure in each tyre including the spare as recommended in the manufacturer’s handbook

Clean dirt from around valves and fit dust caps to all tyres

Remove stones and other foreign objects from the tread

Check that tyres have at least 1.6mm of tread across three quarters of the width of the tyre. TyreSafe recommends that motorists consider changing tyres when the tread falls below 3mm

Check for un-even tyre wear which might mean steering misalignment or out-of-balance wheels

Check tyres for cuts and bulges which could render the tyre defective and potentially dangerous

TyreSafe recommends that if tyres need replacing they should be replaced in two’s or all four

Motorists uncomfortable checking their own tyres can take advantage of a free tyre check at any branch of National Tyres and Autocare ho will also provide tyre safety advice and information.

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