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TyreSafe opposes lengthening of MOT test period

02 Feb 2007

A serious retrograde step that could increase the number of road accidents. Government plans to consider increasing the timescale of the MOT test from 12 to 24 months would be a retrograde step, and could lead to an increase in skidding accidents, particularly in the wet, according to TyreSafe, formerly the Tyre Industry Council, the UK's leading tyre safety organisation.

Defective tyres - having a tread depth below 1.6 mm - says TyreSafe, are a contributory factor in many road accidents particularly on wet roads. Any change to the annual MOT check could increase the number of vehicles on the road with badly worn or illegal tyres. According to the latest figures from the Department of Transport, over 7% of cars fail the MOT because of tyre problems. Research by TyreSafe estimates that 12% of vehicles on Britain's roads have at least one defective tyre, and a further 12% have at least one badly worn tyre.

Many drivers do not routinely check the tyres on their vehicle, and the MOT test is the only time the tread, sidewalls and pressures of tyres are examined. Almost one in three vehicles fail the annual inspection, and as already stated, over 7% of these are due to a defective tyre or tyres. For this reason, TyreSafe is strongly opposed to extending the period between tests as a reduction in mandatory checks will lead to an increase in the number of defective tyres on the roads and in turn lead to accidents on wet roads.

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