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Brake Survey Shock Findings

22 Dec 2006

Over 7 million cars could be on the roads over the Christmas holiday with brake pads either on or below the recommended minimum specification. The country’s leading independent fast-fit retailer, National Tyres and Autocare, recently carried out a random nationwide survey on 2324 customers’ cars which were in the branches for tyre replacement and uncovered these alarming results.

Whilst work was being carried out, staff checked the brake pad and discs on the front wheels through which around 80% of a car’s braking effort is generated. The check was carried out using a new, calibrated brake pad and disc measuring tool which has been supplied to all National Tyres and Autocare branches.

Results of the survey show that 24.7% of the cars had at least one brake pad either on or below the recommended minimum specification of 3mm.

“It was a real shock to get these results,” said Tony Neill, Managing Director, Retail, “We certainly didn’t expect a quarter of the cars to have brake pads in such a worn state.”

One reason for these alarming results could be the ever extending service intervals, where it is now common place for cars to travel 20,000 miles between services. Also, there is the potential for damage to the brake discs if the pads wear down to the metal before they’re replaced. What is certain is that drivers may not be aware that they could be driving with brake pads which potentially could fail when they are needed most, especially in poor weather.

All National Tyre and Autocare branches are equipped with the new measuring tool. For your nearest branch or to book a brake condition check, call free on 0800 62 66 66 or visit

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