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National Investment in Brake Tools

17 Aug 2006

National Tyres and Autocare, the largest independent fast-fit tyre specialist in the UK, has supplied its’ nationwide network of over 200 branches with a range of specialist brake tools.

The branches already have a comprehensive range of fastfit tools and equipment to enable the efficient and safe fitting of tyres, exhausts, brakes and batteries, but the new tools will help enhance National’s brake service for its’ customers.

One of the new pieces of equipment is a brake pad, disc and shoe measuring tool, which accurately measures those parts on the vehicle, without them being removed. The measurement literally takes a few seconds and the results checked against the vehicle’s specification data.

Amongst other important tools provided, is a brake fluid safety meter which the brake fluid boiling point. Brake fluid is designed to have a high boiling point to withstand the extremely high temperatures generated by friction in the vehicle braking system. However, brake fluid is hygroscopic and absorbs water moisture over a period of time, which lowers the point at which the brake fluid will boil.

“Many modern cars only require servicing every fifteen or twenty thousand miles, which is when brakes are traditionally checked. However, brake pads are now asbestos free, resulting in accelerated wear rates towards the end of their life, so regular checks are very important,” said Tony Neil, Managing Director, Retail. “As for brake fluid, it’s the life blood of the car’s braking system and should be replaced every 18 months or when the boiling temperature reaches the minimum specification.”

National offers brake checks varying from a free, visual check, to a comprehensive brake condition check including brake specification measurements and brake fluid test. This costs just £20 but is also refunded against any brake work found as a result of the check.

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