What is the best first car?

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When a newly qualified driver passes their test, there comes a very exciting time. Time to get a new set of wheels to match that brand new pink license in your pocket, but what is the best first car?

best first car

There are countless brands, variations and methods to consider when making this important decision. In this article we are going to be your buying guide and discuss what are the best cars for new drivers?

Firstly, there must be some criteria met to be a successful first car (especially for young people buying your first car).

Safety Features - unfortunately, there may be the odd crash with a newly qualified driver behind the wheel, so it is important that safety is prioritised. Make sure when you are looking for new car, you look for the safety rating of the vehicle.

Regularly check online at highly respected automotive websites such as Auto Express to see all the latest motoring news in relation to car safety and safety features.

Fuel Economy – With car insurance being so high for first time drivers it is essential that the car is cheap and cheerful to run, unfortunately meaning that powerful sports cars like the Subaru Impreza won’t make the list. Look for vehicles with a smaller engine as these will be more efficient on fuel and cost you less.

Practicality - The cars in this list will be practical, efficient and a sleek city car. The hatchback is the most preferable car for first time drivers. A big 4x4 Land Rover is not the most practical option.   

Fun to drive - This is a huge factor, what is the point in learning to drive and taking the time to pass your test to drive a car you don't enjoy driving? Shop around and look for a car which ticks all of your boxes and you will find fun to drive.

Volkswagen UP

Cousins with the Volkswagen Golf and Volkswagen Polo the Volkswagen UP is a very good contender for best first car. It offers everything that a new driver needs, it is practical, economical and one of the cheapest cars to insure on this list!

The Volkswagen UP is quite a modern car offering all the benefits of current technology combined with a new stylish design. If you are looking to find cheap car insurance then you can compare a range of insurance quotes at www.comparethemarket.com or www.confused.com

Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is a very well respected car for first time drivers and is one of the bestselling cars on the list. The Fiesta has taken many different shapes over the years so weather you are after a brand new model or you are looking for an older used car, you can always rely on the excellent ride, build quality and reliability of the Ford Fiesta. 

Kia Picanto 

The Kia Picanto is another car that ticks a lot of boxes for first time drivers. It is one of the smallest cars on the list making it very practical and fuel efficient. One advantage of going with this car is the attractive 7 year warranty that Kia offer. The Kia Picanto is also a very safe car and has a good score when it comes to crash testing

Citroen C1 

The Citroen C1 is a car with a lot of character. Its contrasting roof and wing mirrors to the rest of the car make it fun to look at but it is also an incredible ride. Citroen’s 'Simply Drive' scheme which includes road tax, insurance and servicing for 3 years also makes buying less of a headache and with the car being reasonably priced, less damaging to your bank account.

Hyundai i10

The Hyundai i10 is the final car to feature on our list and possibly the best. This South Korean car is packed with the newest technology; it is equipped with 5 doors and comes with an impressive 5 year warranty making the Hyundai i10 the best value for money. The car is also very stylish and modern. 



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