What Is Car Wheel Alignment?

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Car wheel alignment, also known as tracking, is the adjustment of car suspension to correct the angle of the wheel on the road surface. A positive camber or negative camber can have damaging effects on your vehicle and its tyres.

In this article, we’ll discuss why alignment angles are very important, how to tell if it needs fixing, how much it costs and where you can get it repaired.

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Why is a wheel alignment important?

Wheel alignment ensures that your tyres are set to the correct, manufacturer specified angle whilst driving. It is a very important part of vehicle maintenance, as an incorrect alignment can lead to excessive and uneven tyre wear, suspension damage and will decrease your handling ability overall.

It can also lead to an increase in fuel consumption, as your tyres have to work harder to provide grip. All of these factors significantly decrease the safety of your car, making wheel alignment or tracking very important.


Is an alignment necessary?

In order to keep your car safe and prevent any potential accidents, wheel alignment is vital. It can prevent your car from pulling to the left or right whilst driving in a straight line, and will also increase the life of your tyres.

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If fitting a new set of tyres, having the correct tyre alignment can increase their lifespan. This is due to the tyres working at the correct angle. If they are running at an incorrect angle, they will have to work harder to provide more grip, in turn wearing faster. For optimal safety and to increase tyre life and fuel efficiency, we recommend having your alignment checked every time you change your tyres or book your car in for a service.

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How do you know if you need an alignment?

One of the most obvious ways to notice an incorrect wheel alignment is if your car is pulling to one side whilst driving in a straight line. If this is occurring, we recommend having your alignment checked as soon as possible, to help improve the safety and efficiency of your car. To book a wheel alignment at your local branch, please follow the link below.

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Another way to tell if your car needs wheel alignment is if one of your tyres is wearing much quicker than the others. This could indicate that it is being used more and therefore its alignment is incorrect. To find out more about wheel alignment, click the button below.

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How much does it cost for a wheel alignment?

We offer a wheel alignment service for the front wheels, the rear wheels and all four wheels. To find our most up to date pricing, please see our wheel alignment page by clicking the link below.

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Where can you have your alignment repaired?

We offer wheel alignment at all of our branches. To find the branch nearest to you, please click the button below.

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