What are the benefits of an oil change?

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In this blog post will be emphasising the importance of a regular oil change on your car or van. Besides electric cars, engine oil is fundamental in the operation and wellbeing of every car we see on the UK’s roads. Despite the importance of motor oil, a large majority of people do not know about the benefits of getting an oil change, so we're going to run it down for you.

benefits of an oil change

Keeps your engine clean

Regular oil changes are essential to keeping your engine clean. When motor oil circulates the engine it picks up any residue that has accumulated over time. In this process, the residue is taken away with the oil, but it is essential to remove this old oil and replace it to avoid a build-up of this unwanted residue. someone who has bought a preowned vehicle should be changing the oil to see these benefits.

Lower vehicle emissions

Clean oil running around your engine also lowers the emissions of your vehicle. This is because it allows the engine to run smoothly and removes any hydrocarbons built up in the engine. This makes your car more environmentally friendly whilst also improving your engine.

Improved mileage

Various conditions and driving habits contribute to mileage however, fresh oil circulating through your engine also has an effect. The lubricating qualities of engine oil means that there is less friction in the engine. Essentially, an engine which has less friction is going to achieve optimum mileage as there are less restrictive forces and less stress on the engine. An oil change will ensure peak engine performance, dramatically improving your overall driving experience.

Optimum engine performance

Any motorist would want their car to perform to the best of its ability. The benefits of regular oil change are numerous; however, this benefit may have caught the attention of motor heads. fresh oil circulating around vehicles engines allows it to perform to its maximum potential, keeping the engine properly lubricated, maintained and running smoothly. Old dirty oil has a detrimental effect on this as it loses viscosity and starts to clog up the engine.

Changing your oil on a regular basis has numerous benefits including better engine performance and improved durability. Routine oil changes are a practice that you should repeat if you have had your vehicle for years, bought a preowned vehicle or even a new one. If you would like an instant quotation on an oil change for your car or van please click here. Here at National Tyres and Autocare, we source our oil from the excellent Valvoline Motor Oil. If you would like to check our existing Valvoline engine oil stock, as well as finding out which oil suits your particular vehicle then please click here. Once an appointment has been scheduled, you will be guaranteed to receive excellent service at a National Tyres and Autocare branch local to you.

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