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UK MOT Data (Key Facts)

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UPDATE: 30th March 2020

MOT Centre Guidance : Covid-19

The DVSA have announced some guidance for MOT Centres due to Covid-19. 

If your MOT expires from the 30th March 2020, it will be extended by 6 months from the expiry date of your current test certificate. This does not mean we have stopped testing and if customers still wish to have their MOT carried out on or before their current due date, we are still able to do so. To book your MOT please click here.

For example, if your MOT is due to expire on 4th April 2020, this will be automatically extended to 4th October 2020.

The necessity of exempting vehicles will be kept under constant review and we will be sure to keep you updated if there are any changes.

The importance of Tyre Safety 

Even though the DVSA have introduced a 6 month extension to vehicle MOT's, this does not mean that you should assume that your car is safe to drive. At National Tyres and Autocare, we are still conducting MOT tests and we would advise that if you are in any way worried about how your car is functioning, that you get your vehicle booked in as soon as possible.

At National Tyres and Autocare we have updated our in-branch procedures to ensure that both our customers and our staff members stay safe during these worrying times. To find out more information on our current safety procedures and social distancing please click here.

It is our commitment to keep the countries' key workers safe on the road and ensure continued mobility to keep the country moving. To find out more on our priority service for key workers please click here.

Travel should be minimised for now due to the Covis-19 outbreak. We do not want drivers to be making unnecessary journeys and contact if possible. If you have a MOT test booked in and you no longer can attend, please ring your local branch and reschedule for later on in the year. 

As vehicle owners you still have an obligation to keep your vehicle safe – and inevitably you may also need repair work done to keep your vehicle going. Garages such as National Tyres and Autocare provide an important role in keeping people and goods moving safely so please get in touch if you need us.

As a side note, for anybody who does not feel comfortable coming into a branch to get a tyre repair, we do offer a mobile tyre fitting service where no face to face contact is required. Please note, this service is for tyre repair only and not MOT's.

Drivers can still be prosecuted if driving unsafe vehicles so please ensure that even during these worrying times, that your vehicle is kept in a road worthy condition. 

Practical driving tests as well as annual testing for lorries, buses and coaches have been suspended for a period of time in order to slow the rapid spread of COVID-19.

We truly are living in exceptional times, and we will continue to see necessary restrictions on everyday life. Every measure that is being introduced is to stop the spread of coronavirus and extending MOT due dates by 6 months is a necessary precaution.

Original Blog Post: 19th July 2019

The DVSA has released their latest statistics and for this blog post, we will be giving you the key points for MOT's. At National Tyres and Autocare, we offer an MOT at as low as £27.42

We perform thousands of MOT's every year. All of our staff are specifically trained to undergo MOT tests and are continually trained throughout the year to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. 

All of the figures below look at the period between the year of 2013 and 2018.

The initial MOT failure rate has DROPPED

Since 2013, the percentage of vehicles that have failed first time on their MOT has dropped from 40% to 34.50%. This can be due to a number of related factors, this may be due to technological advancements of vehicles or could be how well the vehicle has been maintained.

The number of trained MOT testers has INCREASED

The number of highly trained MOT testers throughout the UK have increased in size. There were 56,872 MOT testers back in 2013 but there are now 64,649 meaning there are now more ways and means for you to get your vehicle in for an MOT.

Remember, if the MOT on your vehicle has expired, you are driving illegally and can be arrested. We are always looking for new MOT testers to join our company. If you are looking for a job as an MOT tester, make sure you visit the job section of our wesbite.

The number of MOT test stations has INCREASED

The number of MOT test stations has increased from 22,269 to 23,512. The same can be said for the test stations at National Tyres and Autocare, this has increased over the years, as well as the number of our branches throughout the UK.

The number of TYRE related FAILURES has INCREASED

Tyre related failures have increased since 2013 from 9.90% to 10.40%. Remember to make sure that you check your tyres on a regular basis. If you are unsure when you should get your tyres changed, make sure you watch the video below. This video shows a very quick and easy way to check the legality of your car tyres. 

The number of BRAKE related FAILURES has DROPPED

The number of brake related failures has dropped, only 0.2% down to 17.20%. If you are looking to book in at a branch local to yourself to ensure your brakes are working and functioning correct, head over to the brake section of our website.


Suspension failures have increased to over 20% since 2013. At National Tyres and Autocare we offer a FREE safety check, where our highly trained workforce will check your car to ensure everything is functioning as it should, this includes a suspension check.

The number of STEERING related FAILURES has DROPPED

The number of steering failures have dropped from 3.60% in 2013 to 3% in 2018. Again, if you are looking to get your steering check, your local National Tyres and Autocare branch will be able to help.

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