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We are proud to be supporters of TyreSafe’s tyreless campaign (pardon the pun) to promote the importance of regular tyre maintenance and the dangers of illegal tyres, and we are delighted to win the award for Online and Social Media National Campaign.

tyre safe

We believe it is our duty to support TyreSafe by amplifying TyreSafe’s messaging to as wide an audience as possible, promoting Tyre Safety Month every October and all TyreSafe campaigns throughout the year and social media is a perfect platform to do this.

On top of all the normal business as usual activities we have undertaken to support TyreSafe, we have to acknowledge that 2020 has been a very challenging year for all road users and we felt very strongly, that this was a very important time to connect with drivers to educate them on tyre safety.  We didn’t want the pandemic to stop drivers taking responsibility for the upkeep of their vehicle and most importantly their tyres.

With our biggest concern this year being the MOT extension scheme, which we feared would result in large numbers of vehicles on the road that are not roadworthy and we were definitely noticing a marked increase in tyres worn below the legal limit.

Here are some shocking examples of tyres removed from vehicles during the lockdown.

illegal tyres

tyre safety

These images were shared on our Social Media channels in the hope they would shock ALL drivers, whether young or old, male or female to check tyres regularly and take responsibility for their safety, their family and other road users. We are pleased to say that our social posts appeared to strike a chord with many people.

As part of our campaign strategy we also regularly post about the importance of correct tyre pressures and the hidden dangers of part worn tyres, which we strongly advise against buying. We offer free tyre safety checks and encourage drivers to book car services, to make sure their vehicle is roadworthy.

We believe that the work we have done to promote tyre safety during the past 12 months has significantly raised awareness of tyre safety and helped to considerably amplify TyreSafe’s message to a wider audience and we will continue to do so.

Anyone needing advice on tyres, whether that’s just tyre pressures or general condition, please speak to one of our experienced tyre technicians in branch or book a FREE safety check. Your local branch can be found here: National Tyres and Autocare branches

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