Is there a difference between Tires and Tyres?

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If you are searching for new car tyres online, then you may see a number of different search results, some for 'tyres' and other results for 'tires'. In this article, we are going to explain if there is any difference between 'car tyres' and 'car tires'.

tyres or tires

Tyres or Tires?

There is no difference between 'tyres' and 'tires'. Tires is the standard American English spelling, whereas Tyres is the British English spelling. If you are based in the United Kingdom, tyres sold online will use the British English spelling of 'tyres'- such as ourselves here at National Tyres and Autocare.

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Here at National, we stock a wide range of tyres for your vehicle. If you are looking for tyres for either your car or van, then you can purchase these online. No matter your budget, we will be able to find the perfect vehicle to suit your needs.

We understand that when purchasing a new tyre for your vehicle, as this is not a regular purchase, then it can be daunting due to the wide range of tyres we have for sale.

Here at National, our tyres are broken down into three categories. We stock Budget Tyres, from manufacturers such as Autogreen and Rovelo. These will be our cheapest tyres. We also stock mid-range tyres from brands such as Avon and Sailun. Premium tyres are generally the most expensive tyres from brands such as Michelin and Continental however, premium tyres will have gone through extensive research, development and testing, while working closely with vehicle manufacturers. 

If you would like to know more about the differences between budget tyres and premium tyres, please click on the button below. This will take you to a blog article, where it explains the differences between the two.

Budget v Premium

Spread the cost

At National, we realise that there is never a right time to purchase tyres. We understand it is an inconvenience and to help this, we offer Payment Assist. Payment Assist differs from other Payment Plans such as Klarna, Clearpay and Paypal: Pay In 3, as it allows you to spread the cost over a number of months, and no fees attached.

Payment Assist is extremely popular with our customers as it can help customers on a tight budget purchase mid-range or premium tyres that can be expensive in a one-off payment. To find out more details about Payment Assist please click on the button below.

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Tyre Reviews

We give our customers the option to review their tyres three months after their initial purchase. This helps our future customers by giving additional information on each particular tyre. If you are unsure of what tyre you need for your vehicle, or which is the best tyre for you, then please click the button below to see the 1,000's of tyre reviews left by our customers.

Tyre Reviews

If you are wanting to purchase new tyres, then this can be done online via our website. Alternatively, if you are looking for a same-day tyre fitting then please give your local branch a call and they will be able to source the perfect tyres for your vehicle. If you have any tyre-related questions at all, please feel free to contact us via our Live Chat functionality or alternatively, please head over to our social media pages and we will be happy to help.

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