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Cars being tracked is something that you would normally find in a movie and seems a little too far-fetched for the average driver who's primary car usage is driving to the local supermarket and not being an international spy.  However, motorists all over the UK seem to be channeling their inner 007 more and more with tracking devices for cars being on the rise.  In this article, we are going to answer some common questions that motorists have when it comes to trackers for cars. 

What is the best tracker for my car?

There are a variety of different tracking devices that you can get your vehicle –

Passive GPS tracking devices

A passive GPS tracking device collects data such as location from your vehicle. Instead of delivering this data straight to your device to see where your car is located in real-time, it stores the data on a memory stick or hard drive to be viewed in the future. This device is common with delivery drivers and fleet vehicles to review where the vehicle has been and other aspects such as how fast they were driving.

Active GPS tracking devices

Whilst passive GPS trackers store data such as location, active GPS trackers do the opposite and constantly update the position of your car in real-time. This often works through an app that is supplied by the manufacturer of the GPS tracking device. This type of tracking device is used commonly by general motorists who are concerned about the safety of their vehicle, or want to track a member of their family such as a parent tracking their children who have recently passed their driving test.  

Can I buy a tracking device for a car?

Tracking devices are widely accessible and can be bought online or in stores. The easiest way to purchase one would to be from a major site like Amazon, as they have multiple reviews helping you make an informed decision. There are lots of brands to choose from, but some of the best include –

  • Vyncs
  • MOTOsafety
  • Bouncie
  • SpyTec
  • Optimus

Benefits of tracking a car

Vehicle recovery

There are many reasons why using a tracking device can be beneficial to your vehicle, the first reason is vehicle recovery. This may be the most obvious reason to get a tracking device fitted to your car. If a car is stolen, you can track the stolen car through GPS and hand this information to the police. This can lead to car recovery and even get a conviction for the thief’s.

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Fuel economy

Fuel economy is a benefit that you normally wouldn’t associate with a tracking device, however, using this device effectively can reduce the amount of money you spend on fuel.  This can be done by analysing the routes that your vehicle has taken, seeing where your car is idlest and planning better driving routes. As well as saving money on fuel, a tracking device can also reduce insurance premiums.  

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Fuel economy

How much does a tracker cost for a car?

There are some charges associated with the lease, purchase and fitting of trackers. The lease is for the service that the trackers offer. This will be a monthly subscription for the app and additional services associated with it. Leases usually start at around £7. Another cost is for the tracker itself, for this, you can expect to spend up to £200 for a decent tracker. Finally, the fitting costs can range between £50 - £100, although you can buy trackers that you can fit yourself.   

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