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Recent news has pointed out that renowned tyre manufacturer Michelin is going to release the much anticipated tyre the Michelin Pilot Sport EV. Premium tyre manufacturer Michelin invest heavily into research and development. The Michelin Pilot Sport EV tyre has been engineered with brand new technology for a brand new purpose.

This new purpose and what makes this tyre so exciting is the fact that it has been exclusively developed for electric cars. The purpose of creating this tyre has never seemed so clear, with electric vehicles becoming increasingly popular. In order to get the Michelin Pilot Sport EV working to optimal levels for electric vehicles, Michelin has partnered with Formula E. This further demonstrates the commitment of producing an extremely high quality tyre for electric vehicles.

Features of the Michelin Pilot Sport EV

The Michelin Pilot Sport EV is a premium summer tyre for electric vehicles. The types of electric vehicles that the Michelin Pilot Sport EV has been developed for are high performing sports cars, hatchbacks, saloons and SUV’s, making the Pilot Sport a very versatile tyre for the electric car niche. 

We are going to run down some new technology that is featured on the Michelin Pilot Sport EV.

ElectricGrip CompoundTM Technology

The Pilot Sport EV has been engineered with a brand new ElectricGrip CompoundTM. This technology features a hard compound at the centre of the tread. This is to enhance grip with the road surface and allows the tyre to cope with the strenuous amount of torque that is produced from electric sports cars. As well as a hard centre compound, the Michelin Pilot Sport EV also features the same velvet- finished markings featured on the sidewall of Michelins Formula E tyres, providing perfect traction when cornering in wet and dry conditions. 

MaxTouch Construction

The Michelin Pilot Sport EV has also been developed with MaxTouch Construction. This is a feature that ensures that all of the tyre is in constant contact with the road surface. This is an important feature for performance, it ensures even distribution of acceleration, braking and cornering forces. This allows the Pilot Sport EV to more responsive and guarantees the tyre to perform at optimal levels. MaxTouch Constructuion also ensures a more durable and long lasting tyre as wear is distributed evenly across the tyre, avoiding bald spots. 

GreenPower Compound

A GreenPower compound on the tyre shoulder, accompanied by a thinner top belt ensures that you can get the most battery range out of your vehicle. This combination of a smart compound and reduction of weight work to add a massive 37 miles of additional battery range. This means that you are not only saving money, but also makes the Michelin Pilot Sport EV more convenient when going on long trips.

Acoustic Technology

Acoustic technology has also been introduced into the development of the Michelin Pilot Sport EV. This technology works to dampen out external noise from tyre to road contact. This results in a 20% reduction in noise, allowing you drive in peace and listen sounds you enjoy whilst driving.  

Eco friendly from production to sale

Michelin pilot sport ev tyres

With the environmentally friendly aspect of electric cars being such a significant factor for people when purchasing these vehicles, Michelin has decided to honour this by making the Michelin Pilot Sport EV CO2. neutral from production all the way to point of sale. This is done by offsetting all of the carbon emissions that have occurred during tyre production, through the livelihood carbon fund. Michelin will proceed to do this until eventually carbon will be eliminated completely from the tyre production process. 

When can I get the Michelin Pilot Sport EV?

The Michelin Pilot Sport EV is available at National Tyres and Autocare for purchase either online or in branch. 

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