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Pirelli is a world leading tyre manufacturer. The company is renowned for investment in research and new technologies, including new innovative run-flat and seal inside technology.

new Pirelli tyres

Pirelli dates back to 1872 and was founded by Giovanni Battista, the company produced elastic rubber items and in 1873 Giovanni built his first plant in Milano.

Pirelli’s first sport tyre was called the Superflex Stella Bianca and was very popular in Italy during the 1930s, a reinforced tread was fitted to the sport tyre to cope with high speeds. 

In 1949, the first Cinturato tyre was designed, the new tyre had a sturdy belt fitted between the carcass and tread in a radial material to improve performance, road safety and tyre wear. Ten years later Pirelli developed a steel cord instead of the sturdy belt and it was put into production at their plant in Tuscany.

In the 1960s and 1970s Pirelli developed a new strategy and developed new innovative low tyres (now known as low-profile tyres) using their experience in racing to meet the needs of major car manufacturers. The new low tyres were soon superseded by new super-low tyres and this technology advance saw the launch of the Cinturato P6, Cinturato P7 and Cinturato P8.

The Pirelli Cinturato range of tyres are still available now, but of course with new technology and new innovative compounds. The latest Pirelli Summer tyre is the NEW Cinturato P7, it is a high-performance tyre designed for premium cars and crossovers. The tyre has a new tread pattern and profile which guarantees high levels of road safety, fuel efficiency, reduced braking distance and low noise levels. New advanced and innovate hybrid material ensures even weight distribution, resulting in longer lasting tyres.

For more information on the NEW CINTURATO P7 click here or watch Pirelli's new video.

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All the Cinturato tyre family are designed for environmentally conscious drivers. New technology and eco-friendly materials result in lower rolling resistance and reduced CO2 emissions.

Pirelli offer a large range of reliable, high performance tyres for all weather conditions. Check out the full range of Car, 4x4, All-Season, Winter and Van Tyres here.

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