Continental SportContact 7: Continental's new high performance tyre

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On the 8th September 2021, premium tyre manufacturer Continental tyres announced the release of their newest and highly anticipated tyre; the Continental SportContact 7. Continental are renowned for creating ultra high-performance tyres which help improve a driver's overall driving experience and the new Continental SportContact 7 is no different.


The Continental SportContact 6, the predecessor of the new SportContact 7, gained excellent reviews from UK drivers, mainly due to the improved levels of grip on both dry and wet road conditions. The Continental SportContact 6 won the 2017 'vorBILDlich' award set out by german car magazine AutoBild sportscars and is one of Continental's most popular tyres.

Continental tyres, as a well-established tyre manufacturer, invest large amounts of capital into research and development to ensure that every tyre they release is an improvement on their predecessor and once again, Continental has triumphed with the introduction of the SportContact 7 into the UK tyre market.

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Improved mileage

Due to the research and development that was undertaken when manufacturing the new Continental SportContact 7, the team at Continental have been able to optimize the tyre tread pattern to ensure higher mileage characteristics.

This will mean that you can drive for a longer period of time without needing to change your tyres. Fuel efficiency will also be improved, meaning that you can also drive for a longer period of time without having to top up your petrol/diesel.

Shorter braking distances

With the SportContact 7, you can also be guaranteed shorter braking distances on both wet and dry road conditions. The team at Continental reported that during their tyre tests 'braking distances on dry surfaces have been reduced by 6%' while the braking distances on wet road surfaces have been 'reduced by 8%'.

The excellent braking characteristics of the new Continental SportContact 7 makes them stand out from the crowd and should be an important factor for UK drivers to be aware of. The increased performance and safety of the SportContact 7 tyres make this tyre one of Continental's best ever tyres.

Reduced noise levels

To maximise driver comfort levels, Continental has worked hard to ensure that they reduce the noise level of the tyre. You can be certain of a reduction in noise levels, both internally and externally to greatly improve the overall driving experience, as well as improving your overall comfort levels.

Continental's aim for the SportContact 7 was to find the perfect combination of driving please, sustainability and safety.

Purchase the new Continental SportContact 7

You can purchase the new Continental SportContact 7 today for your vehicle and get this tyre fitted for free at your local National Tyres and Autocare branch.

To help our customers, we also offer Payment Assist, which helps our customers spread the cost over monthly payments. If you are interested in spreading your payments monthly, then make sure you check out our Payment Assist Calculator. Our easy-to-use Payment Assist Calculator will let you know exactly how your monthly payments will be broken down.

To purchase the new Continental SportContact 7 tyre online today from National, please click on the link below. Make sure that you have your tyre size to hand so we can make sure we fit the correct tyre to your vehicle.

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