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If you own a diesel vehicle then the most expensive things that can go wrong with your vehicle is part failure of either your diesel fuel pump or diesel injectors. New diesel pumps can cost in excess of £2000, new injectors can cost between £400 - £500 each, with a typical car running on four to six injectors. 

reconditioned diesel parts

Diesel injectors and pumps are some of the most technically advanced pieces of equipment that are found in modern day vehicles, due to the complexity of these parts they cannot be serviced or repaired by most garages. If you find yourself needing to purchase a replacement diesel pump or injector/s then you should at least consider purchasing a reconditioned replacement.

Reconditioned Diesel Parts A Specialist Service

The servicing or reconditioning of these parts require specialist test benches and special data provided by the parts manufacturers. It is often possible to pick up both injectors and pumps on eBay that have just been removed from scraped or damaged vehicles, however these come with no guarantee. 

A professionally reconditioned pump or injector purchased from a manufacturer approved repair centre will have been rebuilt using brand new internal parts supplied direct from the manufacturer and will have been tested and set to the exact same specifications as when it first left the factory. 

Manufacturer’s specification data is only supplied to approved repair agents, a quality reconditioned part will also come with at least 12 months guarantee from date of purchase.

Diesel repair centres tend to work on an exchange basis, as in you send in your old broken pump or injector and they send you a reconditioned part, usually a surcharge is charged until your old unit arrives and this is then refunded back to you. Purchasing quality reconditioned parts can help to save you money.

Because of the specialist knowledge and equipment needed to repair these parts the manufacturers have developed an approved network of diesel repair centres. Every approved diesel repair centre will have had to have invested in the latest test and repair equipment, each centre is inspected annually to ensure that strict guidelines are being met and that quality is maintained. 

Reconditioned diesel pumps or injectors that come out of an approved repair centre needs to be to the exact same condition, specification that it left the manufacturers factory. Manufacturers will and do request sample parts to be sent to them for testing throughout the year in order to ensure that this quality is maintained.

There are four big diesel parts manufacturers Bosch , Denso, Delphi, Siemans Continental which is now part of the VDO company, the majority of diesel repair centres will be approved by 1 or 2 of these manufacturers. In the UK there are only a small number of companies which are approved by all four manufacturers; these are the industry leaders in terms of equipment, quality and standards of repair. 

Due to the varying specifications of diesel parts across the manufacturers, to be approved by all four requires a much greater investment in equipment as certain test benches will be required to test say a Denso pump compared to a Bosch Pump.

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