The New MOT Rules

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On the 20th May 2018 there will be big changes to your car MOT. The MOT changes will only affect England, Scotland and Wales- the MOT test in Northern Ireland will work differently.

4 MOT Changes That You Need To Know

  • The categorisation of MOT defects will change
  • There will be a clamp down on the rules for diesel cars
  • There will be new items checked during the MOT
  • Vehicles over 40 years old may not need a MOT

The categorisation of MOT defects will change

Any defects found when your vehicle undergoes its MOT will be categorised as either: DANGEROUS, MAJOR, MINOR.

 Item Result How this can affect your MOT result    Pass/Fail
DANGEROUS   A direct risk to road safety. Do not drive until vehicle has been repaired.   FAIL
MAJOR    This may affect vehicle safety. Repair immediately.    FAIL 
MINOR    No significant effect on vehicle safety. Repair ASAP.    PASS 
ADVISORY    This could become more serious in the future if not noticed.   PASS 
PASS    This meets the minimum legal requirement.    PASS 

MOT changes for diesel cars

Does your vehicle have a diesel particulate filter? If so, there will be changes to your MOT. What is a diesel particulate filter?

mot rules

Your vehicle will get a MAJOR if smoke of ANY colour can be seen coming from the exhaust. Your vehicle will also get a MAJOR if any evidence is found to shown that your diesel particulate filter has been tampered with in any way.

There will be new items checked during the MOT which will result in a MOT failure

  • Tyres- if they are underinflated
  • Brake fluid- if it has been contaminated
  • Brakes- if brake pads warning lights, discs or pads are missing
  • Lights- reversing lights, daytime running lights and headlght washers

Vehicles over 40 years old may not need an MOT

Do you know when your vehicle was registered? - if your vehicle is 40 years old or older, you will not need an MOT.

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