Tips for Driving on the Motorway: How to Drive Safely and Avoid Accidents

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Driving on the motorway can be nerve-racking for many drivers, especially if you are a new driver. Within this article, we will be giving you motorway driving tips to help you beat the anxiety of motorway driving, turning you from an anxious motorway driver to becoming a driver who actually enjoys driving on the motorway!

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Prepare your vehicle

Before any long journey, especially when you know that you are going to be driving on the motorway, it is vitally important that you check your tyres to make sure you stay safe.

You should check your tyres for any rips, bulges or tears, as well as make sure your tyre tread depth is at the legal limit. The next job is to check your tyre pressures to ensure they are at the correct psi.

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Familiarize yourself with the rules of the motorway

To be a safe driver, it is important that you are familiar with the rules of the motorway. Under no circumstances should you drive above the speed limit on a motorway, So, before you head on your next trip, make sure you understand the rules of the motorway and how they will affect your driving style.

Before embarking on a motorway journey, it is advisable to practice driving on a motorway with an instructor. You can book a motorway driving course at any time. It doesn’t matter if you are a new driver or an experienced driver, a driving course on the motorway will do you the world of good if you are an anxious motorway driver.

Watch out for other drivers

As well as keeping to the speed limit, it is also important to keep an eye out for accidents and broken down vehicles on the motorway.

Do not tailgate

It is important that you do not tailgate other drivers. It can be dangerous for drivers and could cause accidents.

Use your indicators when changing lanes

If you are an anxious motorway driver you may not want to pull into someone’s lane just because you’re scared of being caught by another driver. However, do not worry, your indicator will show the other driver that you intend to merge into their lane. When changing lanes also make sure you check your blind spot and give yourself plenty of time.

Give priority when joining the motorway

If you are about to drive on the motorway for the first time, you may be anxious about joining the motorway. The highway code proposes that you should give priority to traffic already on the motorway. You should match your speed with traffic already on the motorway and merge safely into the left-hand lane.

Drive defensively

Accidents often happen because drivers are not paying enough attention to their surroundings. To avoid accidents, it’s important to stay alert at all times and stay defensive.

There will be certain areas of the motorway where you should stay alert – for example, where a number of lanes are joined together, or where there are emergency lane closures. It’s also a good idea to look out for signs warning drivers of possible dangers.

Stay calm and be mindful of your surroundings

Your first instinct may be to get angry or frustrated. Don’t! Motorway driving is not meant to be stressful or anxious.

It’s meant to be relaxing and enjoyable. While driving in thick traffic on the motorway, pay attention to your surroundings and keep your speed within a safe range.

Keep an eye out for people, animals, debris and potholes that could potentially harm you and your car. You must stay aware at all times when driving on the motorway to prevent any accidents from happening.

Keep your eyes on the road

The main task you have while driving on the motorway is to stay focused on your lane and on your speed. While your focus should be on the traffic around you, it’s very important that you don’t lose track of your road.

When leaving the motorway, give yourself plenty of time to move into the left-hand lane.

Avoid distractions while driving

A significant factor in fatal crashes on the motorway is a distraction, so ensure you’re not distracted while behind the wheel. Give priority to safely dealing with other road users around you. You should never be on your mobile phone while driving.

Keep a safe distance from the car in front of you

As you are driving faster, it is vitally important that you keep a safe distance from the car in front of you. If the car in front has to conduct an emergency stop for any reason, you want to make sure that you have enough time to react and be able to stop in time. Stopping distances are reduced when driving at speed, meaning you need to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

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