Everything you need to know about the Motor Insurance Bureau

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The aim of the Motor Insurers Bureau, commonly known as MIB, is to reduce uninsured driving, help drivers when making an insurance claim and also manage the UK insurance data. It is illegal, under any circumstance, to drive your vehicle if the vehicle is not insured. Within this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the Motor Insurance Bureau and how you can contact them if needed.


Who are the Motor Insurance Bureau/ MIB?

The Motor Insurers Bureau allows drivers to claim compensation when involved with an uninsured driver. Usually, if you are in an unfortunate situation where you are involved in a car accident, if both drivers are insured, then this is dealt with via the respective insurance companies.

However, if one of the drivers are not insured, this is where Motor Insurance Bureau step in to help. Please note, it is illegal to drive without valid insurance and this could lead to a prosecution.

What does the Motor Insurance Bureau/ MIB do?

The Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) carry out a number of schemes. 

  • Claims against insured drivers
  • Claims against untraced drivers
  • Claims against a foreign registered vehicle
  • Claims from an accident abroad
  • Claims against motor terrorism

What is MyLicense?

MyLicense is an online service that gives motor insurers access to driver information. MyLicense was created by MIB and the DVLA

Do MIB always pay out?

Each claim will go under investigation. If your claim is approved, Motor Insurance Bureau payouts will include everything that your normal car insurance provider would pay out.

How to contact MIB

You can contact Motor Insurance Bureau via their website. You can exit our website and head to the MIB website by clicking the green button below. Please note, you will need to register an account with them. There are two options, one if you are a direct claimant and another if you are a claimant representative.

Contact MIB

Is the Motor Insurance Bureau the same as MIB?

Yes. The Motor Insurance Bureau is also commonly known as MIB.

How is access the Motor Insurance Database

You can access the Motor Insurance Database using AskMID. Please click on the green button below to find out more about this.


How to check insurance details

This can be done using AskMID. AskMID is a free to use website which shows, using ANPR, all cars driven on UK roads that are insured.

How to make a claim to MIB

If you are wanting to make a claim to the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB), this can be done via their website. You will need to register an account with MIB to start a claim. 

How is MIB funded?

The Motor Insurers Bureau is funded by the insurance premiums of UK drivers. Insurance Premiums is the amount of money that you pay for an insurance policy. Your insurance can be paid either monthly or annually. There are many excellent car insurance comparison websites online which help find the best deal for you such as Compare The Market or Money Supermarket.

Expired MOT but valid insurance

Your car insurance will become invalid if your MOT has expired. At National, we offer a FREE MOT date checker and reminder service to ensure that you don't miss your MOT due date. To sign up for our MOT Reminder Service, please click on the link below. If you sign up for our MOT Reminder service you an get an MOT for a discounted rate at our National MOT Testing Centre. The gov.uk website allow for you to report a vehicle which is being driven with no MOT.

Check Now

Driving without Tax

If your vehicle is not taxed and you are driving on UK roads, your car insurance will be invalidated. Please click on the green button below to find out how to check if your car is taxed.

Check Car Tax

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