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The National Driver BLOG - June 2014

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The phrase ‘electric car’ felt almost outdated the moment we heard the phrase ‘electric sports car’! Yes, you heard it right. Detroit Electric’s fully-electric sports ... [ Read: UK, Get Ready To Be Swept Off Your Feet - Detroit Electric’s Fastest Electric Sports Automobile Coming Soon ]

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Tesla’s newest Model S is on display at the popular Westfield shopping centre of west London; and its bonnet has been kept open for all to take a peek. While the engine is ... [ Read: Tesla To Battle With Ecotricity To Acquire Britain’s Electric Highways ]

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Believe it or not, but coffee could well serve as the next big thing for the automobile industry; scientists are using coffee waste as biodiesel to power vehicles. ... [ Read: The Cars of Future to Guzzle Coffee Biofuel to Stay Alive and Kicking! ]

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Based on the concept of an electric van, Nissan’s latest e-NV200 Combi, combines all the benefits of having an electric motor with loads of added space. Let’s hop in for a spacious ... [ Read: ‘Electrifying’ Performance and Space to Match with the New Nissan e-NV200 Combi ]

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We finally managed to spot a car that we’ve been long waiting for. And the best news is that it’s now confirmed that a revived Ford Focus RS is pretty much on its way. ... [ Read: Spotted! Ford’s New Focus RS Is Finally Coming – Are You Ready? ]

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Tesla Motors, Inc. has gifted the UK with its latest Tesla Model S – an amazing embodiment of pace and technology. Whether the nation has an appropriate infrastructure to match is the ... [ Read: Stunning Performance, Ultimate Refinement – But Is UK Ready for the Newest Tesla Model S? ]

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Volkswagen Amarok Canyon – the name sounds interesting. And so are the enhancements that the manufacturer has designed for its luxurious and stylish workhorse. The Amarok Gets ... [ Read: Luxurious, Stylish, Spacious Canyon - Volkswagen Presents its Revived Amarok to Revolutionise the Pick-Up Segment ]

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A leading auto magazine recently experimented with real-life, innovative beer goggles and a new suit that demonstrates the perils of exceeding the drink drive limit. Should You ... [ Read: Beer Goggles Give the Real Feel of Driving When Over the Limit: Motivation to NEVER Drink and Drive Again ]

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While the seatbelt is one of the most important safety equipment in your car, there’s a new addition claimed to be equally crucial. Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) takes road safety to ... [ Read: Stay Safe Now In Critical Situations Too – Avoid Accidents with Autonomous Emergency Braking ]

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Once again, we saw the made-over version of Mercedes CLS coupé; the revised four-door model was spotted testing close to Merc headquarters. Mercedes CLS – From Then ... [ Read: An Eyepopper to the Core? Facelifted Mercedes CLS Doing Rounds Yet Again ]

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