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The National Driver BLOG - May 2014

[Published by | 30 May 2014] | No Comments

MINI’s newest concept coupe, the Superleggera Vision, made its stunning debut at one of the most prestigious auto shows in the world last week. Concorso ... [ Read: Another Retro Revelation from MINI – The Superleggera Vision Concept Car ]

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The new Fiat 500 range is up for sale with a new price tag. This refreshed car with a brand new engine and trim will now cost £10,160 for the basic model, £13,060 for the ... [ Read: Revealed: Attractive Price, Fresh Looks, Unbelievable Features in the New Fiat 500 ]

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Mercedes has revealed its newest C-Class Estate model for 2014; higher on luxury and practicality than ever before. Merc’s latest estate will be offered with a broad range ... [ Read: Luxury and Expediency Camouflaged In the Elegant 2014 Mercedes C-Class Estate ]

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Renault has announced that its revolutionary Kwid concept will soon enter production. The on-road version of Kwid will be a new breed of tiny crossovers, running for the ... [ Read: Renault Kwid to Lead A New Breed of Petite Crossovers ]

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The very popular Vauxhall Viva insignia is all set to return next year for under £7,000. The manufacturer plans to launch a new city car bearing the same name. The Viva ... [ Read: Rebirth 2015 Planned for Vauxhall Viva ]

[Published by | 20 May 2014] | No Comments

The 50th Anniversary Edition of Porsche 911 is out now. Thrilling to drive, this limited-run model looks stunning with its retro cues and dynamic styling. The Exclusive 911 ... [ Read: A Limited Edition Porsche Marks the Celebration of 911’s 50th Anniversary ]

[Published by | 19 May 2014] | No Comments

Renault has unveiled its stunning, superfast Megane Renaultsport 275 Trophy edition. This car has been built with an aim to break SEAT’s current lap record at Nurburgring FWD. ... [ Read: Renault Lets the Cat Out of the Bag – Reveals Megane Renaultsport 275 Trophy ]

[Published by | 15 May 2014] | No Comments

The numbers in Beetle range are growing. Several key models that will form a part of this range in the future include a sporty Beetle, an SUV and VW’s distinctive Camper. Volkswagen plans ... [ Read: Iconic Volkswagen Camper to Make a Comeback With the New Beetle Range? ]

[Published by | 14 May 2014] | No Comments

Nissan has revived its Juke Tekna to stay strong amidst stiff competition. The 2014 Tekna, with its updates, is now equipped to combat rivals like its Renault and Peugeot ... [ Read: Nissan Juke Tekna is Ready for a Tougher 2014 – Stays Sporty, Gets More Space ]

[Published by | 14 May 2014] | No Comments

Honda has planned to revive its S2000 and turn it into a very stylish small sports roadster. This will be the last one to arrive among Honda’s three new sports models; the ... [ Read: A Miracle Will Be Reborn - Honda S2000 Revival On The Cards ]

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