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The National Driver BLOG - July 2013

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All of us await the grand premiere of the extreme-most, ready-for-road Seven to date. The latest road-going Caterham 620R will replace the current R500 Superlight, soon ... [ Read: Caterham’s Most Powerful Seven – 620R – to Debut at Goodwood ]

[Published by | 24 Jul 2013] | No Comments

The comparison between Lotus’ latest Exige S Roadster and Porsche’s Boxster is inevitable. Let’s find out which one wins the race for the title of ultimate performance. ... [ Read: Lotus Exige S: The Ultimate Roadster ]

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Finding yourself at the scene of a road traffic accident is an unenviable position to be in. Split second decisions can literally mean life or death and it is very important that any ... [ Read: What should I do at the scene of a road traffic accident? ]

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Like the human body, a cars needs change from its beginnings to its end and that’s why we’ve create the cradle to the grave guide to extending the life of your auto. New ... [ Read: A 63 Piece Guide -Maintaining your Car from the Cradle to the Grave ]

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Honda is yet to officially reveal the information about its 2014 Jazz / Fit in the offing; but a Japanese automobile brochure has already done what was necessary. The ... [ Read: The 2014 Honda Jazz Stats and Pictures Leaked ]

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Celebrities are well known for flashing their cash when it comes to houses, cars, clothes, luxury holidays and even accessories for their pets. Celebrity or not, the car has always been ... [ Read: The top five most extravagant celebrity car purchases ]

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The latest hi-tech crossover from Chevrolet looks appealing and, in all probabilities, will benefit from its optional all-wheel drive. Let’s find out how it feels to spin ... [ Read: Chevrolet Introduces its New Compact SUV: Trax LT ]

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We drive around the new petrol model of the latest Maserati Ghibli saloon to find out if it’s a match for its better efficient diesel version. The Obvious ... [ Read: Maserati Ghibli Petrol Model – A Review ]

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Here we test the 88.3mpg VW Golf BlueMotion with a carbon emission rate of an all-time low at 85g/km. Looks like Volkswagen’s newest exemplary engineering efficiency is here ... [ Read: Volkswagen’s Latest Low Emission Creation: Golf BlueMotion ]

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The latest Mercedes S-Class series has already been announced to be the world’s best series of automobiles by far. How about putting this proclamation to a stringent test? Come, hop in ... [ Read: Mercedes Newest S-Class: S500 L AMG: The Ultimate in Luxury ]

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