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The National Driver BLOG - December 2013

[Published by | 30 Dec 2013] | No Comments

Infiniti Q50 Hybrid is a flagship model, and its design and styling are more sophisticated than before. Let’s find out if it can match the finesse and performance of BMW 3 ... [ Read: Can Infiniti Q50 Hybrid Match the Premium Appeal of the Finest? ]

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Some automobile experts predict that the manual gearbox will slowly vanish from the scene, while most believe that it is going to dominate for a long time to come. What’s the truth? Let’s ... [ Read: Is the Manual Gearbox destined to be Extinct? ]

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SEAT has released scanty details about its next five-seat, Qashqai rivalling, SUV that will debut in 2016. The car manufacturer, moreover, disallowed clicking any pictures of the ... [ Read: Latest SEAT SUV to Launch in 2016 ]

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Hyundai N will become the leading Korean car manufacturer’s performance brand to be associated with motorsport as well as sporty road cars. Hyundai will manufacture a series ... [ Read: Hyundai’s Hi-Performance N brand Launched ]

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Volkswagen’s electric e-up! has arrived amidst constantly improving charging infrastructure in the UK. So does that make the new e-up! all the more feasible to own? Let’s find ... [ Read: Volkswagen e-up! – Designed for the City ]

[Published by | 19 Dec 2013] | 1 Comments

The production line at Volkswagen is rolling out its new Passat, Estate version, CC as well as its Shooting Brake model. Passat has been a key model in the VW range, next to ... [ Read: VW Passat to Turn Classier, More Sophisticated in 2015 ]

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Audi has confirmed that its micro-SUV – Audi Q1 – will enhance its range of models in 2016. It aims at rivalling upmarket competitors of the likes of Nissan Juke. Audi Q1 ... [ Read: New Audi Q1 in the Pipeline – 2016 Release Expected ]

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The latest Mini will arrive in the UK showrooms next year, in spring. The stunning model was recently unveiled at the manufacturer’s Oxford factory. Mini to Turn ... [ Read: More Spacious, More Refined Mini to Arrive in 2014 ]

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The ‘ultimate’ Lamborghini Gallardo recently rolled off its manufacturing line. Let’s take a close look at the legendary automobile range and all its glory. The Distinguished Lamborghini ... [ Read: The Iconic Lamborghini Gallardo to Bid Goodbye ]

[Published by | 2 Dec 2013] | No Comments

The much-awaited motor show at Tokyo opened for public last weekend. Among several things that left the industry gaping in awe, there was Bridgestone’s concept tyre that works without ... [ Read: The Second Generation of Bridgestone’s Air-Free Concept Is Here ]

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