How to Take Care of Your Air Conditioning

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If your car’s air conditioning system has ever died on a long hot summer day, then you are well aware of what this apparently small benefit means.

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Because it is used only for a couple of months a year, many tend to overlook air conditioning when it comes to car maintenance. True, this is not a vital component for your car to function properly, but it is one of the most important features when it comes to your personal comfort and a pleasant driving experience.

Just like other components, air conditioning also needs to be monitored and repaired, if the situation requires it. Let’s take a look at a couple of maintenance tips regarding your automobile’s air conditioning system.

Analyse Your Air Conditioning System

To analyse whether or not your air conditioning system is functioning properly is quite simple. Turn on your automobile’s air conditioning and set it to cool your car’s interior 10 degrees Celsius lower than the temperature of the outside environment. If your air conditioning system has problems in maintaining the temperature, then it has begun to malfunction.

Most of the time, the cause of a possible car air conditioning problem is the small amount of refrigerant agent which might be the result of a possible system leak.

As modern automobile air conditioning is quite complex, we recommend that you purchase the services of a professional regarding the issue to solve the problem.

Take Note of Older Models

Your air conditioning system may become a significant problem if the car has been manufactured before 1994.

Before this year, the air conditioning systems of automobiles used a refrigerant agent which was known as R-12 or Freon. Freon is a chlorofluorocarbon and has a grave impact on the ozone layer. Before the negative impact that Freon causes on the ozone layer was determined, a leaky air conditioning system was solved by simply refilling the cooling agent container.

You would simply visit a repair shop and there your cooling agent container would be refilled with Freon. This was a temporary solution which implied a larger amount of cooling agent, in this case Freon, being released in the atmosphere. And unfortunately, during that period, most people did not properly resolve their air conditioning system problems which in turn lead to constant Freon leaks.

So, if you have an automobile that has been manufactured before 1994, you need to seek the services of a specialised and licensed professional that will follow the proper procedure in disposing the materials.

In addition, we strongly advise that you make a small investment and adapt your air conditioning system to function with the newer and safer type of cooling agent, the R-134a.

It might be a bit costly, but on the long term this will be a good investment, as it will not have such a grave impact on the environment and you will no longer need complex services to resolve your air conditioning functioning problems.

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